28-week report

Fetus Goodwin and mom had a 28-week checkup today. I had to drink that revolting glucose beverage in under 5 minutes, which was okay at first sip, but I was having to choke that last one down. I hope I pass that test so I don't have to retake it.

We also got an ultrasound. Data retrieved:

  • He's breech, just like his mom was. I don't know how common that is at 28.5 weeks, but it seems like he has plenty of time to flip if he wants to. Right now he's like this, in a frank breech presentation:

    If he doesn't, hey, that'll bring me one step closer to my dream birth, which is to fall into a peaceful, druggy sleep, then wake up and have my darling baby placed in my arms, all clean and snuggily blanketed. Sorry, fellow feminist mothers.

  • He doesn't have a cleft palate.
  • He has full, pillowy lips, which is a big change from his 18-week ultrasound.
  • He has plenty of fluid in his little environment.
  • He is, if I remember correctly, an estimated 3.3 pounds.
  • He's in the 76th percentile of length/weight for his gestational age.
  • He has filled out a lot since the 18-week ultrasound; his cheeks are nice and round, and he doesn't look so painfully skinny anymore. I am a big fan of his subcutaneous fat formation, and I hope it continues.

Now I just hope to go all the way to sometime between May 2 and May 9.


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F. Goodwin

2 Board Alley

Clancy, I've been following your posts with much happiness for the three of you. I'd like to send you an email, but the Culture Cat email link forbids me to do so. What gives?

Sorry about that

I don't know why that is -- maybe the most recent Drupal installation messed that up. It's probably blocking everyone. The address is clancy.ratliff at gmail -- I think I did get a message from you on Facebook, but I'm trying to catch up with my correspondence.

Frank Breech

Frank Breech sounds like a 1970s hard boiled detective.

You got a problem? Some jerk stuck in his ways and won't turn around? You need somebody to straighten him out? Call FRANK BREECH.

New gestational nickname

Ha! I like it. As a WPA, I need to be more like FRANK BREECH myself. I don't know if I'll find out about FG's position at my next doctor's visit,* but if he's still breech by this Wednesday, I'm going to start calling him FRANK BREECH.

* Can doctors tell the position by feeling my torso with their hands? As far as I know, I'm not having another ultrasound from here on out.

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