Bullets of Truth

Uh-huh, a bullets post.

  • When I look at Henry, I wish I could have a nice long conversation with Keats. The sight of Henry's serene, utterly beautiful little face fills me with tearful and inchoate reflections on beauty, ethics, love, truth, nature, fragility, and deep respect for life. I expect Keats would say, "Yes, this boy is the embodiment of all that I wrote."
  • Nursing is not easy, but we're muddling through. I wish I had a baby scale so I could weigh Henry every day.
  • Our house is still in a state of disarray -- unpacked boxes, unshelved books, uncabineted dishes, etc. We just need to hang on for a couple more days, though, because on Tuesday...


    and stays for five days. I can't wait. The NBA playoffs will get us through today and Monday.

  • Here's an example of something that could not be otherwise (via):

    Really, I don't see how anyone could do anything else. Maybe celebrities with baby nurses/nannies.