Eight things meme

As seen everywhere, but most recently B's:

  1. I love the end pieces of loaves of bread.
  2. Related: I have a weird bread-crust-to-pizza-or-sandwich ratio thing. If I'm eating a slice of pizza, I can't just eat the tip of the slice first, then the crust at the end. I have to have a little bit of crust in every bite. Same goes for sandwiches -- no bite with just middle-bread and sandwich stuff, there has to be some crust. If I have two end pieces of bread or a crusty bun, though, this isn't a problem.
  3. Regarding pizza crust, I prefer it to be thin, as close to a cracker as possible. It canNOT be doughy, gag. I like a lot of sauce, only a tiny amount of cheese, and a couple of light toppings on it, like fresh basil and banana peppers.
  4. After reading this article and a few others, I decided to watch a few of Riefenstahl's films, as well as a couple by Fanck. Tiefland was among these, and I was struck by the irony in the way the Roma people from the concentration camp were used in the film. They are extras playing peasants, and Riefenstahl's character is trying to convince the evil marquis to let the peasants have water for their crops so they can live and prosper.
  5. Jonathan and I are in the middle of an Entourage-watching kick. Netflix discs come so slowly...
  6. I had a go-cart when I was a child/young teen. I used to drive it around a lot when I was 13-14 with my Walkman. My favorite go-cart-driving tape was Mötley Crüe's Shout at the Devil
  7. I dislike most candy -- chocolate and sour candy are okay, though -- but the worst ones are Skittles, jelly beans, licorice, candy corn, and Peeps.
  8. In my coffee: Silk vanilla soy creamer and one teaspoon of Sugar in the Raw.

Can you tell I'm hungry?