Fruity Chemicals: Do Want

I sure would like to have this:

BUT, we're moving in a few weeks, so we are buying NOTHING until we get to Lafayette. In fact, we need to use up all the stuff we already have that can be used up, and give away some other stuff.

On a related note, I've been cooking up a storm lately so that we eat all the food in our pantry before the move: biscuits to use up flour, butter, and sour cream (that's my biscuit recipe); deviled eggs to use up eggs, mustard, celery, and onion; a beans/rice concoction; and peanut butter balls, to use up peanut butter, honey, dry milk powder*, and wheat germ. That's just a sampling of the food we have.

* We have so much dry milk powder that I've been adding it to all kinds of stuff, like instant oatmeal, which we also have a lot of to eat. Turns out that adding dry milk powder to stuff is a good and unobtrusive way to add protein and calcium to a dish, so that's a bonus. The reason we have dry milk powder in the first place is that I hate milk, and Jonathan's indifferent to it, so we can never use even a pint of milk by the expiration date. So for any recipe that calls for milk, I just mix up a little from the powder.


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Peanut butter balls? Never

Peanut butter balls? Never heard of 'em, and I have a feeling that's 'cause I'm culturally deprived. So I scouted, and found a recipe that's probably a lot like yours:,1625,146182-240195,00.html. But how long do these babies keep? Do you refrigerate them?

Almost identical

My mom's recipe doesn't use graham crackers; instead, make sure the peanut butter is extra crunchy. The proportions are different too:

1 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup dry milk
roll in wheat germ or sesame seeds

My mom always used sesame seeds when I was a kid. She'd put them on wax paper in the refrigerator on the lowest shelf so I could reach. I don't use sesame seeds now because just a little shaker of them costs about $6.

I'm not sure how long they keep; I'd guess a good amount of time, like a week. They never last long in my house. I love them; they are SO healthy and protein-filled.

I think we need one of those

I think we need one of those five-pound bags of rice from teh Walmart. And corn meal. And lard.


We HAVE corn meal, plenty of rice, and safflower oil. No more grocery shopping.

Yum—thanks! & good luck w/

Yum—thanks! & good luck w/ those grocery lists. . . .

oh, and sesame seeds? Buy

oh, and sesame seeds? Buy them in bulk in a health food store. You'll be amazed at the price difference.

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