Good Ol' Random Bullets

  • There's a profile of person in reality TV I just love: the control freak. Specifically I mean Kate Gosselin, Matt Roloff, and Jeff Lewis. It's been a pretty good summer for reality TV in general, actually; I've been loving Shear Genius, Project Runway, and Top Chef in addition to the prior three shows. I've found that my tastes have changed, though; while I used to watch the worst of the garbage, like Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, The Pick-Up Artist, Charm School, The Girls Next Door, etc., I don't find myself getting into those anymore.
  • I'm very happy for Bradley, Erin, and Madelyn.
  • There's that one meme about embarrassing music going around. I haven't been tagged, but it's just as well. I have such awful musical taste, for the most part, that any "random five" from my iTunes list (by the way, Laura McKenna and Daniel Drezner are NOT the only people who still don't have iPods; Jonathan and I have never owned them either) could be an embarrassing songs list. But I guess the question is, what are YOU embarrassed by, not what most people would be embarrassed by. I have "Lucas With the Lid Off" in my library. I have Tanya Tucker's "Some Kind of Trouble" and a bunch of Air Supply and "If I Know Me" by George Strait. No one can touch me on this one.
  • I've found that echoes of my dad have made their way into my parenting. Things I've said that he used to say when I was little:

    "Goodness gracious alive-us pivus!" I say this one when I change Henry's diaper and he's really filled it up.

    "Shoot-a-doodle!" I said this one when getting in a HOT car the other day in the grocery store parking lot to put Henry in his car seat.

    And then I call Henry the same nicknames Dad called me: "You worrywart!" "You mud puppy! You boll weevil!" Said affectionately, of course.

  • Henry laughed for the first time Wednesday night. He was in the bathtub and thrilled to be splashing. It was adorable.
  • Speaking of bathing Henry, I did so last night and sang "Splish Splash" to him. He seemed indifferent, but still loved the splashing.


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Avery doesn't like me to sing, especially acappella. Just today she said, "No sing, daddy. No sing." So I envy your indifference.

The first laugh

I love that. B and I were watching the babies end of the pool this afternoon, and there was this baby who kept laughing like crazy for the camera, and B thought it was because he knew what to do. Oh, silly: all babies laugh in response to the mama unless they're in dire straights. Just smile and they'll smile back at you. It works for years.

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