List of Links (Funny and Sad Edition)

Links collected over the course of the week:

A review of Rock of Love in The New York Times. Well, if the Times is willing to review it, I might as well confess my own love for the show. Maybe in an upcoming post, I'll even explain why I think Flavor of Love is the better show.

Minimalism taken too far. I laugh every time I read that post; there's something kind of David Sedaris-like about the writing.

That last one was funny; this one is sad or poignant, at least to me: Jessica Lagunas' pieces titled "Ái Spik Ínglish," described as "7 Fictional short dialogues of low-income Latino immigrants adapting in the US, using English phrases in their Spanish pronunciation." A sample:

New Occupational Certificates, courtesy of Dean Dad. The folks in the comments add to the list, and while I admire their efforts, their additions don't quite hit the pitch of Dean Dad's.

Another sad one: I think you need to read it anyway, though.

I'll end with a fabulous one: Subversive Jewelry. The pieces aren't for everyday wear, but I love them for evening as, for example, an accent piece with a simple black dress.