My Days These Days

There are several reasons I haven't been blogging. First, I took a four-day-long break from the internet when Jonathan, Henry, and I went to Florence, AL to see family and friends. I didn't really miss it.

But the main reason is that I'm using what little free time I have to work on research. I sent off an article manuscript earlier this month -- an article that wasn't based on my dissertation, but written from scratch this summer. I'm working on several other projects too. My days are looking something like this:

8:00: wake up, play with Henry, eat breakfast, do intermittent online reading

~10:30: put Henry in the swing for morning nap. WORK WORK WORK on research during this time.

~12:30: both Jonathan and I play with Henry

~3:00: run errands while Jonathan does baby duty

~5:00: Henry goes down for another nap, research resumes

~7:00: evening relaxation, Henry sits on our laps

~9:30: Henry and I go to sleep (Jonathan stays up later)

I don't, of course, get 11 hours of sleep each night; Henry wakes up to feed a couple of times, and it's not always easy for me to go back to sleep after that. I figured out a while back that if I'm going to have waking periods mixed in with my night sleep, I'm going to have to stretch out the overall night-sleep period so that I still get a good number of hours.

I feel pretty satisfied with my research pace, so that's good. There's always more that needs to be done (stuff I should have done a year or two ago, actually), but I don't feel like a loser, at least.