No Room at the Torso Inn

Ugh. It's 1:25 in the afternoon and I haven't eaten anything yet today, but I still don't feel the least bit hungry. My abdomen shouldn't be this huge until, like, March. I went to a lovely party last night and ate a fair amount of food from the spread my friends had, and then upon eating it, I had a lot of discomfort, like I was about to explode.

So today I'm thinking that however yummy many different foods may sound to me, especially a pulled pork BBQ sandwich with hot sauce, a big salad from a salad bar, apples, pears, and more of those candy buckeyes from last night, I am SO UNCOMFORTABLE that I don't want to do anything that will result in MORE space being taken up in my torso.

For Christmas, I would like several more inches of skin, plz.


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Merry merry

Merry Christmas to y'all and all, and yay fer yer internal critter! :-)

Erudite Redneck

Uncomfortable Abdomen Issues

I didn't really have any, but I know people have had reflux and indigestion and all sorts of problems processing food. It just all depends on where things are pressing, etc. It's uncomfortable. Sleep on your left side like the books say.

Good luck! :)

- Michelle

Sciatica, now

At night as I go to bed. Bad. It eclipses the stuffed-full feeling.


I'm so happy for you! Was becoming pregnant a hard decision to make? What, after what you've been through, made you decide that now is the right time? That's something I've struggled with and a topic I think would be very benefical for women that have made the same choices as you. As a newly married woman entering a career with much potential, how do you make the choice to have a child? Is having a child something you can speak rationally about right now (in a pregnant state)? Is it really one of those things you "have to experience" before you can comment? Does being pregnant "change" you? Have any of your outlooks/positions on life changed? Do you see the world differently? Does your husband view/treat you differently now that you are carrying "your" offspring? Do you think having a child will influence how you teach?

I apologize for having so many questions, but I've always been the girl/woman that swore she would never have children, yet I'm tore between wanting them and asking my husband to be "snipped." Do you feel you will have to sacrafice your career? Will your husband share child-rearing responsibilities so that you feel free to pursue your career? Does having a child make you or your husband feel like they are comprising their career? Are you comfortable allowing your husband to be a stay-at-home father if that is what is best for the family, knowing that you may not experience the first step your child takes? I realize these questions may be difficult, but I'd really appreciate hearing your answers.

As a up-in-coming professional in my field, it's difficult to imagine sacraficing everything I've worked for in order to raise a family. And I'd be the one to sacrafice because my job doesn't pay as well as my husband's at this time, even though my earning potential is probably greater than his. Regardless, my ultimate concern would be to miss out on the "firsts" with our child. I believe I would sacrafice my "earning potential" in order to experience our child's first messy diaper, first word, first step, first anything. And, I'd want to be there for anything it needed.... I'm afraid I find it hard to be a career woman and a Mother. And that prevents me from becoming a mother. There a very few woman in the company I work for (engineering-centered firm), and I'm proud that I've won the respect of our employees. It's just difficult to think that *my* child could possibly be in daycare because of choices "we've" made. And, ultimately, how easy is it for you to recognize that your child is "our's" and not just "your's"? Does the answer depend on how "close" you are to the father of the child?

I wish you all the wonderful wishes in the world, and I'll be thinking of you as May approaches. I hope you have a wonderful semester!

Take care!


Wow, congrats! What wonderful news you have! I'm sorry that we haven't been able to connect at any of the LSU get-togethers...nevertheless congratulations to you and Jonathan and I hope you are enjoying, not deriding, your growing belly! :) I'm jealous! The politics of "when to have a baby" are killing me!

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