Random MLA Occurrences

  • That Kevin Spacey Guy. The first couple of days I was here, there was this guy who looked just like Kevin Spacey whom I was seeing everywhere. At the coffeeshop, at Chipotle, in the lobby of every hotel I entered. Then, suddenly, he was gone.
  • Fortune Cookie Messages. I have gotten Chinese take-out twice while here (from two different restaurants). The first fortune said, ":-) You have an active mind and a keen imagination. :-)" The second said, ":-) You are working hard. :-)"
  • Number of people who have recognized my picture from my blog and come up to me to say hi: 2. And one more, a lovely young woman with a great short pixie haircut who keeps looking at me with recognition but who I think is too shy to talk to me.
  • Number of light bulbs in my hotel room that have burned out since I checked in: 3.