First post of 2006

So, it's 2006. Know where I'm ringing in the New Year? Krystal. What can I say? I had to do some work that required the net, and where else can I get online? (My parents don't have access.) I've learned that the emoticon for a Krystal burger, which, for the uninitiated, is like a White Castle or a Sassy's Slider, is: (|]

Happy New Year, everyone! I look forward to a New Year's Day meal of black-eyed peas with hog jowl, rice, collard greens (for money in the new year), and cornbread. What's your traditional New Year's Day meal?

Also, those MLA posts are so totally coming. I just had other work to do first.


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First post of 2006

Happy New Year to Culture Cat! Glad the MLA posts are coming, the one you did was funny.

love the krystal!!

My boyfriend and I stopped at one of those wi-fi Krystal burger places a few weeks ago. I almost went back to the car to grab my Powerbook and blog about it but my hands were too greasy! :)

trying to get women involved in linux

without getting laughed off the stage heres my pitch ... To promote more women into technology and business in Linux on how to save money using your existing hardware use Linux people in the twin cities and world wide .building ideas how to use Linux in the world for small business. globalization is here so we now have a unique opportunity to learn it as a business that we all can profit and teach linux to whom ever wants to learn to this effort.. use the skills you have learned and how to apply them to work and make a living . how to use your ability's to sell Linux services to locale business start ups and help migrate the ones with windows over to the Linux platform. collaborate and offer each other advice and give info on the overall business climate no matter where your located on the planet . welcome all.

Krystal just got pwned

I'm in Krystal once again, and a little girl about four years old is roaming around the restaurant playing with one of the headsets the employees use for the drive-through (I think she's the daughter of someone who works here). She's periodically walking up to my table and talking to me.

Little Girl: May I take your order?

Me: Oh, I've already eaten! [gestures to my empty apple turnover box] I had an apple turnover. It sure was good! What do you like to eat here?

Little Girl: I eat McDonalds!

Me: [laughs]

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