You've probably noticed that I did a redesign of my site. "Redesign" here refers to a change in my banner image and color changes on my stylesheet, not a real redesign, since I never really do that. I created the image in Comic Life and edited it in GIMP. I believe the font is called Marker Felt. I like the design, so I'm loath to make any changes to it, but still, let me know if it's giving you trouble. I haven't tested it except in Mac OS 10.4 with Firefox.

Can anyone guess where the image comes from, and give the context for it (the two people in the picture and their relationship with each other)?


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I don't know! And it looks

I don't know! And it looks so familiar. Not the usual looks for the Sweet Valley books (it could be the brother and his girlfriend who died, I guess), doesn't seem like a new Nancy Drew cover. Argh. Do not leave me wondering for too long, please.

But I like the colour and, though I also like the font, it somehow doesn't fit right? Maybe it's just too dark on the title.

Things work fine in XP/Firefox


Nancy Drew....

... and the Case of the Lecherous, Gold-Digging Stepfather?

Jessica and Bruce?

From Playing With Fire?

It's definitely from Sweet Valley High, but I'm less sure of the characters.

I like it

Like the design, very breezy. To my *own* taste, the banner should be thinner (it takes up over 50% of my laptop screen, at a 1024x728 resolution). I have no idea who the characters are (didn't grow up with the same body of literature, sadly). However, dare I say, they look like you and Jonathan! :)

love the new look

I love the new look Clancy. And it works fine on Ubuntu Linux 5.04 Hoary Hedgehog Release w/Firefox.
That's certainly one of the Wakefields and my instinct says it's Jess with Bruce aswell, but I'm not certain.

SVH Graeco-Roman wrestling

You've got good taste in blog colours - I liked the old scheme, and this one is nice too. As for the cover stars, he's got her in a headlock but I suspect she's about to retaliate with a devastating nipple cripple.

Looks great on OS 10.3

Looks great on OS 10.3 Safari - I have no idea what the pic's from, though.

I know!

I know! It's the reunion portrait Charlie Sheen had commissioned of him with old porn-star flame Ginger Lynn Allen after Denise Richards kicked him to the curb for being such an incurable bozo!

(I kid. I kid.)


Can Jessica play Bruce Patman's game and win?

Here's the source of the image. Tom, did you sneak a peek over at my Flickr account, or did you actually know that?

So, Jessica, one of our Wakefield twin heroines, takes up with Bruce Patman, one of the most popular guys at Sweet Valley High. He comes from old money, drives a black Porsche, and saunters down the hallways. He's kind of a badboy (hence the title Playing With Fire), but he gets away with everything because he's wealthy. If I remember correctly, Jessica starts skipping class to go make out with Bruce. Her grades slip, and he tries to get her to go all the way. I guess then something happens -- Elizabeth intervenes, maybe -- and they break up.

Wolfangel, it's funny you should mention the font-image relationship. The two are connected, at least in my mind. Okay, Jessica is in a high school sorority, Pi Beta Alpha. That font reminds me of the dot lettering done with paint pens on sorority rush favors (e.g., plastic cups and those wooden paddles that hang on dorm walls). So I thought it worked.

Cristina, I know the image is kind of big, and I originally had a thinner one, but that book cover image didn't resize well at all. I might keep tinkering with it to see if I can get a smaller one with good resolution. I'm saving these as gifs for fast loading, so that makes getting a good image even harder.

More accurate?

Black Porsche? Bad boy? Yikes. Was I more accurate than I knew?

(Confession: there were fresh issues of Us and People in an office I visited recently, and their tawdry siren call lured me away from my Post-It notes and back issues of College English, to the point where I now know more than I ever wanted to know about Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards, and Ginger Lynn Allen. I gotta say, though, the likenesses of your SVH picture to the two of them circa 15 years ago are a bit uncanny.)


I cheated

Tom, did you sneak a peek over at my Flickr account, or did you actually know that?

I hate to admit this, but I'd briefly forgotten that you even had a Flickr account. (Yeah, yeah, the reminder was right there next to the words I was reading. I'm slow sometimes.) If I'd thought of it, I would have sneaked a peek.

I knew that it was Sweet Valley High, and the girl had to be either Jessica or Elizabeth. That gave me enough key words for a Google image search. My memories of the book itself are vague, though. It's a good thing it was one of the earlier ones, though, or I probably wouldn't have read it at all. I'm not sure at what point I stopped, but I know I haven't read all of them, and I don't think I've read any of the SVU ones.

By the way, the makeover looks good. I still feel a little weird when my students catch me surfing what they think is a Sweet Valley site, but I'll get used to it.

It really doesn't look like

It really doesn't look like the normal pictures of Jessica to me -- maybe they changed artists. But I do remember reading that specific book, which is odd.

I like the font, really, I just think -- maybe it's too thick for being black? Anyways, it's your page, not mine, and it looks good. I love seeing the Sweet Valley pictures.


Speaking of Nancy Drew ...

... Carolyn Keene has also written a book called Playing With Fire. I don't remember having read it, though. I was more of a Hardy Boys kind of guy. Until my daughter makes it to #26 in the series (and she's only on #2 now), I doubt that I'll read it.

Oh yes.

Not only does he drive a Porsche, but his license plate reads "1Bruce1".
Also, Jessica's bedroom walls are painted chocolate brown.
And my favorite barbie (whose name was "Sandy" after Olivia N-J in Grease) had a boyfriend ken doll named Todd (after Elizabeth's bf of many of the earliest books in SVH). They had a lot of s-e-x in the barbie camper van. I married someone who drives a big orange VW camper van. Hmmm.

Jodi, sharing too much


Ha! I had forgotten all about that. I bow before your superior SVH memory, Jodi.

New Look = Good Work

I like the new look, particularly the contrast of the blue background and the blog title. Looks good in Windows XP and Firefox. The font is close to Comic Sans, one of my personal favorites for display text. As for the image, he resembles some no-longer-teen-idol that I should know, but I can't quite place. Maybe he's just a Scott Baio archetype. She, too, looks like some 70’s-80's in-every-teen-film-and-them-gone star. I just can’t place either name.

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