13 Sweaters

Out in front of the elevator on the third floor of my apartment building: a box of clothes with a sign stuck on the wall above it reading "Free!" That's a common area for people to stick stuff they're getting rid of, and usually I don't take a second glance at it. This time, though, I snatched the box and brought it back to my apartment for review.

I went through the box, and many of the garments were surprisingly nice and looked like they had barely been worn at all. (What's the catch? Is there asbestos all up in 'em?) I ended up with thirteen absolutely free sweaters, mostly Liz Claiborne Villager brand, almost all turtlenecks. Can't beat that, huh? Comfortable, 100% cotton, free sweaters in my size. I couldn't help but observe, though, that this was a person who liked something and bought it in every color and style.