Due to dissertation hay-ul

I got nothin'. Except some bullets!

  • First, a serious bleg. We're moving out at the end of this month to relocate in North Carolina, and we've only lived in this house in Decatur, GA for two months. Our landlord is making us pay the rent until a new tenant is found, and we don't want to lose our deposit or pay rent on two houses, one of which is empty. If you know anyone who is moving to the Atlanta area soon and is looking for housing, please put them in touch with me: clancy.ratliff at gmail. The house is great, a reasonable rent for the Atlanta area, big yard.
  • Just out of curiosity, can anyone think of any big public shaming media events surrounding fathers with their children? I'm not talking about the everyday public shaming that happens on Dr. Phil ("He won't get a job!"); I'm thinking along the lines of what happens to mothers fairly often, e.g., Britney with baby in lap. The only ones I can think of are the Michael Jackson baby-dangling incident and the Steve Irwin crocodile-feeding incident.
  • I did my first Pilates class ever today, and I liked it a lot.
  • Some of the comments in this thread are making me want to run and hide.


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Hee, I'm the first hit on

Hee, I'm the first hit on that bullets link! (though it really should be ianqui). Good luck finding someone to rent your house!


I would also try to ask folks at the universities. This is what I've done in similar situations. Just make a "rental info" email and beg departments to send around on their grad student listservs.

Did it

Jonathan's getting the contact information for people at Georgia Tech, and I've emailed a contact at Georgia State asking her to forward my message to listservs there. I may try Emory too.

"Bad Dads"

That is an interesting question you raise about the public shaming of fathers--at first I couldn't think of any examples--even before reading on to your own examples of Michael Jackson and Croc Man. I think the only other time that their are consistent examples of fathers being shamed publicly is when there is the "discovery" of unrecognized or "illegitmate" children--Jesse Jackson and Strom Thurmond are just two examples that come quickly to mind although there are many more.

bad dads

You might google deadbeat dads. It strikes me that stories about "bad mothers" tend to involve individual instances that rely, of course, on mothers being around, while the "bad father" story that gets the most shaming media attention involves the absence of a father or a father who doesn't support the family.

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