BPAL and meme propagation

It's about time I succumb and link to this meme for MLA.

Okay, now that that's done, on to another succumbing, this time to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. I ordered two six-packs of samples (called imps). Had to get the Rosalind one on principle, as she's my favorite character in Shakespeare -- yes, how predictable. These are the ones I chose:

Florence: "The pearl of the Italian Renaissance. Elegant iris, bright berries, gilded amber and velvety spices."

Gluttony: "Thick, sugared and bloated with sweetness. Dark chocolate, vanilla, buttercream, and hops with pralines, hazelnut, toffee and caramel."

Cordelia: "The essence of faith, love and devotion: lilac, lemon, green tea, wisteria, osmanthus, white cedar, and Chinese musk."

Rosalind: "Dew-covered berries and fresh green grasses with a faint breath of spring flowers."

Athens: "A reformulation and modernization of a true Classical Greek perfume, myrrhine: voluptuous myrrh, golden honey, red wine, and sweet flowers."

Versailles: "Grand, courtly and robust: a glittering, golden scent that would do Louis XIV proud. Gilded red and gold citrus with amber, ruby roses, jasmine and orris."

The Caterpillar: "Heavy incense notes waft lazily through a mix of carnation, jasmine, bergamot, and neroli over a lush bed of dark mosses, iris blossom, deep patchouli and indolent vetiver."

Lady Macbeth: "The essence of ambition, covetousness and manipulation: sweet Bordeaux wine, blood red currant, thyme and wild berries."

The Red Queen: "Deep mahogany and rich, velvety woods lacquered with sweet, black-red cherries and currant."

Carnal: "Bold, bright mandarin paired with the sweet, sensual earthiness of fig."

The Lady of Shalott: "The scent of calm waters just before a raging storm, limned with achingly-beautiful blooms, an icy scent, but somehow warm, and mirror-bright: bold gardenia, crystalline musk, muguet, water blossoms, clear, slightly tart aquatic notes and a crush of white ginger."

Lolita: "Bright, sweet and youthful, but swelling with a poisonous sexuality. Glittering heliotrope, honeysuckle, orange blossom and lemon verbena."


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Heh. It's funny that we have

Heh. It's funny that we have no overlaps in our orders! Oh, wait, except Gluttony (which just sounds too amazing!). I would definitely like to try Rosalind, Lolita, the Lady of Shalott, and Carnal in future - you'll have to let me know what you think of them!


Welcome to the long downward path to BPAL addiction!

The Caterpillar is one I've been meaning to try, too. And Florence is very nice.

Oh, no...

I saw on the forums that some of the customers were comparing some of the BPAL scents to Lush scents. That, to me, is dangerously addictive!

Okay, so I had to come back

Okay, so I had to come back and comment again because I got some BPAL this week! :-) After I made my lab purchases I got antsy about not getting them for ages, so I bought some from people online. Anyway, they are all completely different and all completely GORGEOUS! I love Carnal (yes, I succumbed and bought one of my own after seeing your description) - it's beautiful and sweet, kind of like an expensive, sophisticated jam (but better than that sounds!). VERY yummy!

(And can I say, I feel sort of goofy for being SO geeked out about all this? But it's definitely fun!)

How'd you do that?

Is it on the forums? Do the people at BPAL proper have a problem with that -- as long as the resellers don't make a profit? I guess the law protects the resellers, though.

Actually, it's pretty

Actually, it's pretty interesting. There's a huge (or at least, relatively speaking) online (both the forum and LJ) swap/sales market for BPAL, and on the forum and one of the LJ communities I know of, there are price caps to which the sellers voluntarily adhere (or get kicked out of those fora!). Selling products made *from* BPAL - for instance, BPAL-scented soap - is strictly forbidden, though. A lot of the selling that goes on is taking scents only available in the bigger bottle size - the Limited Editions, for instance - and breaking them up and selling them as imps; or selling scents which have gone out of circulation (Limited Editions/discontinued scents). Along with this, people definitely sell the general catalog scents, but often they've been tested/used a little. So I think all those things make a difference in how BPAL feels about this market. It's much more people buying/swapping stuff that they want to try and then reselling the stuff that doesn't work for them, than any kind of professional reselling, it seems to me. Ultimately, it all has to come from the lab, and I suspect all it does is feed people's desire to get hold of more of this stuff, so in the long run it's to BPAL's benefit. ;-)

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