Demanding Replacement Doughnuts

Much to Jonathan's confusion, I woke up last night in the middle of the night laughing. As I tried to go back to sleep -- and eventually I did -- I would think about the dream I'd had and start laughing again. Here's the dream.

My friend April and I were in Florence, Alabama. We went to the Krispy Kreme and got a dozen doughnuts. Then we got in the car and were headed somewhere else. As it turned out, the brakes in the car didn't work, and we were driving down North Wood Avenue (a street in Florence). I was driving, and it became clear that we were about to crash, so I veered off the road and ran into someone's front yard. We thought this was inexplicably hilarious, and we laughed and laughed at what the person living in the house would think, imagining him or her coming out into the front yard and gawking at the damage to the flower beds. Then we realized that during the near-wreck, the doughnuts had been hurled out the car window onto the yard, unsalvageable.

April said, "Let's go back to Krispy Kreme. We WILL get some more doughnuts." We didn't have any more money, so April looked in the glove compartment for a receipt for the doughnuts. She didn't find one, so she pulled out some random person's business card. We went back to Krispy Kreme, and she marched up to the counter, angrily demanding another dozen doughnuts, pointing indignantly at the business card and shoving it in the cashier's face. I was standing behind her, trying to keep from laughing, but I didn't succeed. So then I woke myself up laughing.