NCTE has a new blog called the NCTE Inbox. They currently do an email newsletter of sorts called the NCTE Inbox, and I'm wondering if this will replace or just augment it. I've been told that it may only be updated once a week or so, but do add it to your feed reader. Oh, and I'm digging this nod to open access:

Free access to NCTE journal articles mentioned in the Inbox blog is provided for 21 days from the date of the blog entry post. After this free access period expires, articles are available to journal subscribers only.

The challenge, of course, is that good blogs have a distinct point of view and consistent set of positions. It'll be interesting to see how candid and non-milquetoast-y NCTE is willing to get.

Also, February 14, 2007, in addition to being Valentine's Day, is hereby declared to be Happy Woman Professor Day.