Unrelated Tidbits

1. Here are two good posts related to the African Diaspora.

2. To the person who just surfed on in here from a calpoly.edu IP address by searching for spelling atwood metaphor essay, I really hope you won't paste my essay on Burke's "Four Master Tropes" into a word file, put your name on it, and turn it in. I worked hard on it. Thanks. It probably wouldn't address the assignment directly, anyway. Feel free to use it as a reference, though.

3. Guess I'll have to watch Lost online tomorrow. They're preempting it here once again for basketball.

4. In your opinion, what are the most important things new graduate students need to know (in terms of professionalization)? I have my own ideas: I think they need to have a strong handle on how they intend to position themselves in the field, specifically which conferences they plan to attend regularly, what their target journals are, what listservs they want to participate in, what professional organizations they want to join, what kinds of jobs they want to apply for (and whether they want to do national, international, or regional searches), etc. They need to have a clear understanding of what the term research agenda means. What else?

5. Where are the prolific graduate student bloggers in rhetoric and composition nowadays? Well, obviously I know where a lot of them are -- see the Rhetoric section of my blogroll -- but I'm interested in the bloggers I don't yet know about: the ones who are now in their second or fourth semesters of coursework, who are posting their reading responses for class and reading notes, the ones who are wrestling with theory in public (Smackdown!). If you're out there, I'm interested in getting to know you.


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Grad Student Bloggers

Do you know about Marcia?


Grad Bloggers

I'm a dissertator located @ http://harmoniasnecklace.blogspot.com

I don't know if I would call myself prolific, though. And I don't always discuss comp/rhet because I also work in LIS (I have an MLS) and I work in children's literature, as well.

As for others I know: Scot Barnett @ http://schizzesandflows.typepad.com/; Rick Hunter @ http://cannedgoods.blogsome.com/; Chris Drew @ http://illinoisnative.blogspot.com/index.html; Megan @ http://readsnwrites.blogspot.com/; and probably others who don't come to mind at this late hour:-)

one more grad student blogger...

While I don't post reading responses anymore, I have been using my blog to spark some dissertation ideas. My dissertation focuses on Wikipedia, open source, and about 17 other things at the moment :) The blog is called Confessions of a Graduate Student.

Thanks, all

I knew about most of these, but didn't know/forgot that the authors were graduate students.

More grad students

It's cool that Nels mentioned me, but I'm only an MA student and not a PhD student yet.

Here are a few more PhD students who blog:


Grad Student Blogger / K-logger

Check out the very cool academic blog by my grad student/colleague/co-presenter Michael Faris:
Collage of Citations
at http://oregonstate.edu/~farism/blog/

Sara Jameson

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