Custom DVDs

I feel that all these petitions pleading networks to release XYZ TV show on DVD are futile. While iTunes is nice, I'd rather be able to make a custom DVD set. On mine, I think I'd have:

  • The State, the complete series
  • Night Stand, the complete series
  • All the Winter Steele episodes on Liquid Television
  • All the Chapi Chapo episodes (downloads!)
  • Those tabloid news shows, like A Current Affair and Hard Copy. Jonathan and I recently watched the Simpsons episode with the Venus de Milo gummi, in which Homer is accused of sexual harassment, and the story appears on Rock Bottom. I got all nostalgic for those outrageous shows.
  • I'd also like to have some of the more short-lived dating shows, like Change of Heart and Studs-- remember those?

What would be on your own obscure, idiosyncratic, guilty pleasure DVD set?