Mia Zapata's Killer Sentenced

From Paul comes the news that Jesus C. Mezquia, the man who raped and killed Mia Zapata, was found guilty and is expected to serve between 22 and 30 years in prison. I hadn't heard of the case until I read Cunt some years ago, and I was saddened by this too-common story. What disturbs and angers me more than anything, though, is that okay, he is serving over 20 years in prison, and that's justice, but he raped and killed Zapata in July 1993, and he wasn't found and arrested for it until January 2003. I'm sure other women suffered at his hand in the nearly ten-year interim. How many? Is justice being served for them?


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It does suck that it took ove

It does suck that it took over ten years to find her killer and finally sentence him. But the Gits and plenty of other west coast punk bands (including Pearl Jam and Nirvana) raised thousands of dollars to pay for lawyers and the private investigator who eventually tracked that guy down.

Mia Zapata's murder was much more of a shell shock than any other untimely 90's rockstar death, not only because of its violence, but because she was one of the pioneer riot grrls whose entire music/politico fire was based on exposing and expiring the very thing that got her killed.

She will always be one of my heros.



it was the seattle police department who eventually tracked down the killer using DNA evidence. The PI hired by the band had been of of the case for years.

Mia Zapata Video Shown at Trial

To View a 3 minute piece shown at the trial, click here (www.thegitsmovie.com) and click under "NEWS" to see the streaming video. To see the movie trailer, please go under "TRAILER". Pass it on! Thanks!


i used to live in seattle from 1993 - 1997 and went out there again in 1999 for vacation and i used to go to the comet.i think its awful how hes only getting 20 - 30 years for murder and rape...i think they should keep him in prison for life...and yes that is a good point..how many other women has he killed or raped ??
what is creepy is that i read that he went to a 1year reunion of her death and harassed people ..telling women that he saw her eyes while she died..and since her death she has told him that she forgives him...well what sounds to me hes seen her ghost or something...and ive read alot about how murder victims come to their killers forgiving them and such..because where they are is such a better place then earth etc...i wouldnt doubt seriously hes killed other people..if he got off on seeing her eyes then you know this guy is f up and hes done other things...what i was thinking..he prob couldnt get laid in seattle so he had to take it out on some body
take care --don-from texas

I'm glad they finally found her killer.

This is the first time I have heard that they found Mia's killer. I was first introduced to her while watching an episode of unsolved mysteries.

I do agree that our justice system is totally screwed up.


Mia's Murderer

I am not trying to make light of this or sound like a nut, but...

This is why I support us arming ourselves. Maybe if Mia had been armed she might have had a chance-- and thus the creep who killed her might be the one pushing up daisies.

At the least the government could kill him. Fair is fair, Dammint.
But no, this blot on huwymynity will live while Mia's light was doused.

Shame on us all for allowing this.

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