Paranoid Blog Dream

Another one to add to the blog dream series. This one's a recurring dream in times of stress, and I suspect this latest flare-up is related to my imminent preliminary exams. For context: In Drupal admin mode, I can see what people search for in my archives, and in my referrer logs, I can see which Google queries lead to my blog. Well, in the dream, mysterious people send me threatening messages this way. I go to "administer," and I see searches for "I want to kill you" and all kinds of other horrible stuff. Then I go to my referrer logs, and there are all these Google searches for stuff like "Clancy must die," etc.

All right, now I've sufficiently creeped you out. :-) I didn't mean to, as one of my students says, harsh your mellow. Now I'm expecting some facetious archive search queries, such as "You need help."


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Life After Prelims


And all your friends and colleagues will send up a collective cheer--there! Another soul who passed the prelims and lived.:)


Love the searches

The search strings have been cracking me up all day. :D

Wacko Dreams

I've been plagued by "smoking" dreams during the last month. Two nights ago, I dreamed I even purchased a pack; it was so real that I woke up feeling guilty. Any dreams of smoking signify stress in my life because consideration (even in the subconscious) is nothing but a "ah, forget it," throw my hands in the air type of an action.

Btw, I may have mentioned this before but if your dreams get *too* vivid, you may check your vitamins. I took a B complex for a while and my dreams became so life-like that I began to look into possible reasons and a build-up of one of the Bs can cause it.

Michelle P

Copy Cat Dreaming

I'm a lucid dreamer and I often end up having similar dreams to the ones people have described to me. Hope it's not too scary if it happens.

All Day Permanent Red


I had my first blog dream last night. Mine wasn't as scary, though (it ws just a blog spam dream).

This is not a dream!

Ok, someone finds my site by googling my name, and spends about three hours reading it. (And you know how visit lengths are calculated... that means active poking around.) I'm flattered and scared.

All Day Permanent Red

other reading of 3 hour tour

It could be that someone surfed to your blog and then walked away from the browser with your site still open. But, yeah, the long visit is a little weird. In my old blog, I once tracked an IP address back to Langley, VA (CIA headquarters). I gotta admit that freaked me out a little.


3 hour tour

I'm using Wordpress; I'm pretty sure that it doesn't set a session cookie, and HTTP is stateless. In my set-up, the only way visit duration is tracked based on page requests coming from the same IP (within some arbitrary time out).

If someone reads one page and does nothing else it generally records a visit duration of 0 seconds -- even if the person were to leave the browser window open. But it may be different with the tracking system you use. (A client-side script could send a message back on a browser close event-- though I seem to recall that secruity settings generally limit what can be done for that kind of event) In any event, my logs don't seem to record that kind of activity.

How I do ramble on.

I'm with you about the Langley thing. For a while on my old blog I seemed to have a lot of readers from the DOD.

All Day Permanent Red

Search Strings, Live!

When you check your site stats and you see that someone is on right now, someone who came through on a google search, have you ever felt the temptation to write a quick post to them? Like "hey, you just found my site by searching for 'spy cats.' Could I interest you in...."

All Day Permanent Red


I found your blog on accident while searching for mentions of or works by M.O.W. I had a huge crush on him when I went to U.T.(I minored in English). I really fumbled any chance we could of had of even a friendship and he probably thinks I am a complete psycho. Still, I am content if only to know that he is in the world and doing well.

I really enjoy reading your blogs when I have the chance. I'm glad I stumbled onto it.

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