Thanks to Jeff's recent post about Freecycle, I joined the Twin Cities Freecycle Yahoo! group. I've already figured out that I'll use it more for giving stuff away than for scoring stuff; I responded quickly to a woman who was giving away a bunch of dishes, cups, glasses, pots, and pans, but someone had beaten me to it (the Twin Cities group has 2236 members, so it was bound to happen). Still, like Jeff, I'm fascinated with the random things people are giving away. On the Twin Cities list:

  • Fisher Price Little People Farm (barn only, no little people or little animals)
  • The Hunt for Red October board game
  • Electric Cat Litter Box, with most of a 40-lb. bucket of clumping litter, self-feeding and watering dishes, several plastic trays for litter box, and an unopened bag of Iams Active Maturity/Hairball Prevention cat food (there's a sad story behind this, I'm sure :-( )
  • Empty wine jug, once contained Carlo Rossi wine
  • Two van seats, from a 1997 GMC van (useful, perhaps, for a child's fort, the giver suggests)


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Electric litter box? That do

Electric litter box?
That doesn't sound right to me (or probably my cat)


Oh, but it's so right.

I had one, and it's lovely if

I had one, and it's lovely if you go away for a long time or you have picky cats who want it clean before they'll use it. However, it broke, as did the self-watering dish (they kept clogging the filter with cat toys). So much for expensive cat toys.


One woman's trash...

Wow. The woman who was getting rid of dishes contacted me yesterday saying she had more to get rid of. I zipped right over and picked up two large boxes of dishes, mugs, frying pans, measuring cups/spoons, and baking dishes (best for lining with aluminum foil and broiling meat in, I'd say). I have no need for kitchen supplies anymore. Then, tonight, I was thinking about how I'd like to have some stools for the bar that separates my kitchen from the rest of the studio apt., so I thought, why not, I'll post a WANTED: notice to Freecycle. Others have told me I need to buy some barstools, but I prefer to spend my money on other things, like CDs, which I've been buying a lot of lately. Seventeen minutes later, someone emailed offering me two stools, wooden seats, metal frames, in good condition. I'll probably get more offers in the next couple of days, who knows. Freecycle is wonderful.

Update: Not even thirty minutes later, and I've already gotten another offer! Three brass stools this time with padded seats. He's going to send me a digital photo so I can decide. :-)

Wish I were in the Twin Cities

We could use all that cat stuff--that's even the type of food ours eat. Been looking at a littermaid for quite a while (with 4 cats, it's hard not to).


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