Today's trifles

  • Had lunch at a Thai restaurant with Laurie today, the same one where I bit into a spring roll only to find a shiny new screw. I'm glad I gave them another chance.
  • Got two care packages today: One was from my friend Andrea, of "Remember: It's not all gumbo," and consisted of some University of Alabama t-shirts and shorts and a CD she made for me. The other was from Mike and contained a necklace made at a summer camp out of twine and two beads. He says it provides "guaranteed good luck." :-)
  • Discovered love of almond butter. I've been wanting to try it for a little while now so bought some when I went to the grocery store today. I could probably eat the whole jar inside of an hour, but I demonstrated the proper restraint and only had a spoonful.


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Almond butter!

Someone in my department loved almond butter and got me into it, too. Not that I so often -- or ever -- buy it, but it's so yummy. Maybe I will buy some too.

Building a lunch

OMG! Well, at least it was shiny and presumably clean. I trust that the restaurant was properly contrite?

All Day Permanent Red


No, they just brought us another order of spring rolls...didn't even take them off our bill! I steered clear of spring rolls this time, just to be safe. I got a large bowl of Tom Kha soup.

Wolfangel, you ever tried almond butter on a banana? Bliss.


How does almond butter stack up to its cousin, the peanut?

See, I'm an unabashed fan of peanut butter, but was considering branching out. Are they similar?

Going to the store this evening, maybe I'll take the plunge!

Similar? Yes.

But almond butter is dangerous...and, as one who also loves peanut butter, much better. I just finished another banana covered in it, and in the interim between bananas, had a couple of spoonsful of it. I might have to stop keeping it in the house after this, as I had to do with Nutella.

Maybe my body needs vitamin E and alpha-linoleic acid?

Oooh, no. I love peanut butte

Oooh, no. I love peanut butter with bananas, though. Sounds like a tasty thing to try. Unrelated to nuts, but apple butter is also really good.

Holy Magnesium!

Almond butter has 187%(DV), compared to peanut butter's 113% (still considered a high magnesium food), but that's really amazing.

I may have to ignore these warnings of almond butter's addictive properties and buy some.

I love almond butter! I wond

I love almond butter! I wonder if there are almond butter vibes in the air; just yesterday I noticed that I had an unopened jar and decided to make sandwiches with it. (Raspberry and cranberry go especially well.)

Great hint, if it's the natural (i.e. separated into oil and paste) kind: store upside down in the fridge. (The idea is that the oil will float to the bottom of the jar, meaning that you won't be left with a glob of dried out paste after eating the oily first half.)



I bought this almond butter one week ago. A sixteen-ounce jar. Today I'm scraping the bottom of it. :o

In other food news, I made a yummy concoction of black beans and big slices of bell pepper sauteéd in olive oil. I seasoned it with gumbo filé, Cajun seasoning, minced garlic, salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper.

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