Not to be outdone...

Others have posted great 1970s photographs of family, and I of course have to add mine. I wish I had more family photos here in Minnesota, but they're all at my parents' house. Here's one I do have, though -- my mom sometime in the 60s or 70s. I don't know anything about the context:


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A filmstar, she could be.

Final-Net Fabulous

And I know it was Final Net, too, because that's what she used throughout my early childhood. What a name for a hairspray! Final Net. It reminds me of the inspiration for Harrison's blog name, "All Day Permanent Red." If I remember correctly, he said it was a lipstick. Those retro ladies wanted their cosmetics fail-safe, I'll tell you what! (By the way, Harrison has a great photo up today too.)

This photograph of my mom reminds me of when I'd sit, enthralled, as a young child and watch her put on her makeup in the mornings. She wore false eyelashes then, and I used to think she was saying "fox eyelashes," so I called them that for a while. :D

Retro Mom

ha, I love it! i guess the aqua net was supposed to parallel those godawful hairnets they wore to keep their hair in place. i can't stand hairspray!!

my hugest most fantastic memories of one-on-one with my mom included sitting in front of the TV with her after her mid-day bath. She'd do her housework, bathe, then watch a couple of soaps while she tweezed her eyebrows, dotted her razor-cut legs with toilet paper, and painted her toenails.

M Palmer


That is such a striking shot of your mother, Clance. It makes me want to live inside that picture for a while. It makes me miss the days of Aquanet as well, when the bigger the hair, the better I felt.

I want big hair now. But alas, I"m a balding thirty-something and those days are behind me.

An experiment

Hey, I needed a break. Now back to work...


That's quite a resemblance.

Guess there's no debate amongst your family as to which parent you take after.

Well, you'd have to see both of them.

A lot of people think I look like my dad. The blond hair definitely comes from his side of the family, at any rate. I might try to get my hands on my dad's old Navy ID next time I go home; he has a flattop and is wearing a uniform similar to this one.


That’s true. I guess I don't have any pictures that show off so many noticeable similarities. If anything, the pictures I have of my parents make me wonder where in the world I got the traits I have ;)

Your mention of a Navy ID reminds of me of my grandfather - there is a picture of him, taken when he was a Navy pilot (and in uniform) where we look markedly similar.

Early 60's, I think

Clancy, judging fom the hair and the car and the skirt, I'd have to say early 1960's -- but I wasn't alive then, and I'm sure that John's more of an authority. It's just that I've been going through a lot of old photos lately :). The funny thing is, as soon as I looked at the picture, a little voice in the back of my head said, "Buick or Cadillac, or possibly GM." I don't know where that voice or that impression (or that ignorance) comes from, but I'm sure there are interesting gender issues in there somewhere.

And, BTW, I'm sure you'll knock 'em dead on the prelims. Make sure you get some sleep, OK?


that's a very cool pic. i can see the resemblance. i love old pictures..


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