Prelims are... a guy I dated in college used to say, "a lukewarm dose of hell." (Be sure to pronounce it "HAY-ul.") When I finish the one I've been working on today that's due tomorrow morning, I'll have three down, three to go -- that's two 24-hour ones and one 2-hour done, and two 24-hour ones and one 2-hour left to do. Keep in mind, too, that I've had to juggle this with teaching, a heavy grading load, and two other projects with looming deadlines. :(

I'm still hitting the almond butter jar, by the way, and even eating raw, unsalted almonds from the little store at school. Are almonds nature's Paxil?


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I always thought chocolate was

Almonds and chocolate also go remarkably well together. Have you considered a good dark chocolate almond bark?

Only lukewarm?

Sounds hotter than that to me. Good lyuck, and I hope the almonds continue to do you well.

As we used to say in the restaurant...

the shift's gotta end sometimes. The best thing about prelims is that you do finish them. You are half way there!!! Relax and enjoy the almond butter. Wonder how an almond butter and nuttela sandwich would taste? Oh, or almond butter and nuttela on granny smith apple slices?

As they also say in the restaurant business...

I am in the weeds!! :o

I had some cashews today too and am thinking about buying some cashew butter. But a Nutella and almond butter sandwich? That's an awful lot of material for the roof of one's mouth. :D The granny smith idea, though, I like it. What about peanut butter, cashew butter, and almond butter on granny smith apple slices? Is that beyond the pale?

Another thing I'm craving is nuts and honey in those jars, like baklava without the phyllo pastry. I want to open a jar of that stuff, stick two or three fingers in it, and shovel it in my mouth (ugh, that's especially crude now that I've written it down). Like George Costanza's wanting to take a big bite out of a block of cheese.


Take some long baths. Really.


Keep on . . .

you're halfway there!

Almond butter and honey, by the way, is a yummy combination, pretty much regardless of what you put them on.

- Laurie

You're doing better than I wa

You're doing better than I was during my quals and later orals (which were nothing like your marathon!). I seem to remember those lovely jars of double-fudge cake frosting calling to me...

Hang in there -- soon it will be done. Done. Done! :)



Almonds contain a tiny amout of cyanide, no? Maybe it's working in some homopathic way...

All Day Permanent Red

Seventeen hours...

Thinking about Samantha's comment on the shift's ending...I've been working for seventeen hours straight today, and still have about one or two hours of plate-spinning to do before I go to bed. Spinning plates on poles is the way I think of graduate school, in case I've never said that here before. Always a dozen things going on at the same time, and you have to run around and spin one here, spin another there.

All day I've had this wired, fierce feeling, like a contestant on Jeopardy! who keeps hitting the buzzer before Alex is finished reading the question.

or maybe...

it's just suicidal tendencies?

The Spinning

Hope it's still going OK!


Spinning Plates while eating Almond Butter

Great images, Clancy. There are few things in life that match the intensity of graduate school. One summer session at Stanford, I took three seminars and a statistics course, needing to produce three seminar papers at the end of an 8-week term. At the time, we had two small babes and my wife was sitting the two babes of a good friend who had just started work after a divorce. We got through it somehow, but the memory of the madness lingers. We're all rooting for you.

John L

Cashew butter

I'm in the middle of my last two written prelims, and in the last few days I've gone through half a jar of cashew butter. Why does it have to be so good? Oh well, guess I'm getting my vitamin C, iron, zinc, magnesium, and other good stuff (link goes to a pretty PDF report). Now I need to try hazelnut butter and, if they make it, brazil nut butter. I wonder if they make walnut butter and pecan butter? Mmmm.

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