Am I going to make it?

On Friday morning, I got my last two preliminary exam questions, and my answers are due Monday morning. The first essay is basically done, but I still have some work to do on it. I plan to mobilize for the second essay late tonight, get up in the morning, and write all day, yet again. I want to do anything but this right now. Things I'd rather do include:

  • Knit
  • Watch Farscape
  • Go to my friend Brooke's show tonight at First Ave.
  • Work on my syllabus for this fall's class
  • Oh yeah, did I happen to mention, anything but these prelims?

I know, I know, this will be over soon and I'll look back and laugh.


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Your Discipline!

You've got it. It's amazing to me. I can't imagine.

So I've not been there and I wonder if you will look back and laugh later. I don't know. But even if that's not the case, you're right on one count beyond any reasonable doubt: it will be over soon, and you will have time to knit, watch Farscape, go to your friend Brooke's show tonight (terrible to miss things I know), work on your syllabus for fall.

Lazy of me to only offer my stock "hang in there, man." But Hang in there anyway. :)


you can do it.

Lotsa good mojo being sent your way! :)

Some day, yes

Yes, you will laugh about it. My best friend (and roommate) and I studied together and took them together, and now, yes, we find it very funny. The stress, the ways to avoid studying, even writing the exams themselves all seem really comic in hindsight.

And I'm sure you are doing fine. You've prepared well and you are really disciplined. And in another twenty-four hours, it will all be over!

Another place I'd rather be

Knoxville, Tennessee, on Cumberland Avenue, during football season...out on a patio at a sports bar, with TVs all around. The weather's perfect, the streets are packed, everyone's decked out and looking hot, and every time Tennessee gets a touchdown, the chorus of "Rocky Top" blasts from speakers all over the city.

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone. I don't know where you're getting the idea that I'm disciplined, but thanks.

Because you're doing it and i

Because you're doing it and it takes discipline, particularly when you miss out on stuff you love.


It's over...?

I just turned in the last two exams. Now I wait and hope...and dance, of course! And pack for my trip HOME! :D

Have Fun

You go Girl. Have fun.

HUZZAH!!! :D Rana



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