The Dirty South

Tomorrow I go here:

The Southland: Pond Catfish, Homemade Pies, Pit Bar B Q

This image comes from a series on diners I did back in 1997 as an independent study for my photography minor. Here's another photograph from the series, taken inside The Southland:

Old woman with lunch


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the South

Lucky, lucky you. My mother's family is in Tennessee, and I love going there. Love the South! Joanna

Vaya con Dios, Clancy

Enjoy the down time. You've certainly earned it after the summer you've had. I love the phrase "Pond Catfish." That wouldn't make any sense out here in Cali, but in a community that knows its catfish, the distinction makes sense.

The south...

What struck me more than that is "Air Conditioned." I grew up in the South and lived there until recently (31 years). I have no idea how anyone in the region lived without A/C. It is so hot there that many times I thought I was dying. That A/C is a relatively new thing amazes me.

deep down south

ahh....southland...i think i only had the pleasure of going there once. nice pics.. i took a lot of pics while i was home during my last visit.. there are a lot of interesting things in AL.. things you dont see anywhere else..

i meant to get a pic of that bank thats in a mobile home on florence blvd..but i left without getting one. a bank. in a mobile home. the frist thing that comes to mind is: insecure. the second is: anybody got a truck we can hook this thing up to? lol....


The Dirty South

I hope you're having a great time. :)


I AM. :D

I'm having a fantastic time -- right now I'm at a friend's house; we're all getting ready to go out. I've been getting some good old family photos to scan and post, too!

southland pics

I love the photos. They remind me of a trip I took down to southern Missouri. Never eat barbeque catfish, by the way.


Southern Women

In doing a series of articles on Southern Women i spoke of Leona as represenative of slave women and thier gift to our Southern woman of today: The South has been forever enriched by the assimilation of Leona’s strength of character, independence and perseverance. For that, we must be forever grateful. The personification of the Southern woman is enshrined, glorified, and immortalized not in a singular richness of European ancestry but in a blending of European and African heritage that has given the Southern woman a place unequaled in history and our hearts.

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