New Design

Yeah, you probably noticed that I made a few changes. I don't know how long I'll keep this design, but I needed a change; I was tired of looking at the old banner image. This new look is Crooked Timber-inspired, as you can likely tell. If I do decide to keep this, I realize it needs a lot of work; I need to figure out that PhotoShop gradient tool to get rid of that seam separating the banner image from the background color. I also need to do a host of other things, but I'm not going to mess with it anymore tonight.

I got the cat image from the new-ish Creative Commons search engine. I searched for cat, specifying image as the format and permission to make derivative works, and I found several cat photographs by Anne Moss at


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I like it. And I want an electic cat.
All Day Permanent Red

I really like it! [Is th

I really like it!

[Is the registration new, or have I really never left a comment here before?]

~ SB

You've never left one :)

But I'm glad you did now! The advantages to registering here include:

1. You can edit your comments

2. You can login to any Drupal site using your CultureCat ID (for example, if you register under the name sbpoet, you'll be able to go to Kairosnews or any other blog using Drupal and enter your username as "" then use your regular CultureCat password).

It doesn't make any difference to me whether or not people register; it's entirely up to the individual, but I do like for people to at least (if they have blogs, that is) leave a blog URL or link, as you and Harrison have done.

Oh! Harrison, about the electric cat: I got this effect in PhotoShop by going to Filter --> Stylize --> Glowing Edges. :) You probably knew that already, but in case anyone else was wondering...

I like to think it looks like a photo of a Lite-Brite cat taken from far away.

kitty kitty!

kitty kitty!

Um, that's all I had to add, really.


Is there no way to link to my

Is there no way to link to my blog from my username? I find it a little irritating, because I forget to leave links all the time (which is why I gave in and created a blogspot username, just so it would link to my normal blog). Or at least room for a uri on the userpage? I'm not sure what Drupal allows. (Or at least auto-link in comments.)

I like the new cat. Long and curly fur!



I'm working on the link from the username, but for now, I'll point out that you can create a signature for your comments. To do that, go to the user block in the right column after you log in, the same place where you log in, actually, which will have a heading with your username. You'll see some options, like "recent posts," "my account," "log out," etc. Go to "my account," and then go back to that list of options in the right hand column. You'll notice that you now have an "edit account" option. Click on "edit account," and in the middle column you'll see the option to put in a signature. You can put a link to your blog, a quotation, a big string of smileys, anything.

BTW, wolfangel, I went into your account and put a link to your blog in your signature field.

Cat Power

I like it! I always say I am going to make my basic Drupal design more arty, but I am design-impaired so I never do. Thanks for that CC link. You know the great thing about blogs? Everyday, you discover something really useful and great that someone is doing somewhere in the world. Lately in New York City it has been hard to hold on to faith in humanity, if you know what I mean. —Blogal Villager

No Kitty here

So, I'm reading about the electric cat going, "Huh?" until I open IE and see there is indeed an electric cat.

Clancy, do you know that on a Mac with Firefox the old logo is appearing? There is a gray box in the upper right hand corner of the screen, but no kitty in it.


Thanks, Cindy...

for the heads-up. I'll see what I can do about that. It shouldn't be showing the old image because I saved the new image with the same file name, and when I FTP'ed it over, it should have overwritten the old file. [scratches head]

new look

The new look looks good to me.

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  • Cute kitty! (And I like th

    Cute kitty!

    (And I like the new you-photo too.)


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