Today I bought a toning band and some ankle weights, because, you know, it's not like I have enough exercise equipment or anything. I'd been playing around with the band for a little while, doing thigh abductors and other moves, and I eventually held it like this. All of a sudden I was overcome with the desire to shoot a bow and arrow. I used to go to a month-long summer camp when I was a child, and that's where I was first introduced to archery (how I loved that place...I have to go back there someday and just walk around and take it all in). I fell in love with it and have enjoyed it ever since, when I've had the opportunity to do it. I wonder if there are any places here in the Twin Cities where I could practice archery without the expectation that I'll become all hardcore about it, hunting animals and entering competitions and such?

UPDATE: Here I am in my cabin at Camp DeSoto; this was taken my second summer there. I'll bet I had just left archery class, which explains the grin:

photo of me in my red Cherokee shirt, in all my awkward, gangly-phase glory

The girls were organized into tribes, and each tribe wore t-shirts in specific colors: green for Chickasaw, blue for Creek, and red for Cherokee. I, obviously, was a Cherokee.


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My school set us up into hous

My school set us up into houses (like the British). I too was in the red group (which made me bitter, since both blue and green suit me far better; also, I owned very little red), but our house -- in, note, a single-sex school -- was named Cramp.


but of course

Hey, look! It's a generationally-mandatory curling iron!


It sounds a little like Survi

It sounds a little like Survivor.

Only, of course, without the trashiness and voting off.


Yeah, Krista

And notice the plastic tumbler decorated with paint pen! I used to love doing that, writing my name on everything in dot letters. Looking at the camp's web site more, I'm struck by how time has stood still there: The activities and schedule are still exactly the same as when I went nearly twenty years ago. This evening I've been googling some of the girls I went to camp with and have found out all kinds of cool stuff; one's a lawyer, one works for an environmental nonprofit, and another is a counselor.

archery at camp

You have there in the twin cities one euan kerr, now I think an editor for MPR, who in his misspent youth was director of archery at Camp Nebagamon for Boys, where I knew him. Give him a shout and ask him your archery question--it's fun just to listen to his voice! Tell him hi for me, too.


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