Theme Party Tonight: Prom, 1994

Tonight I'm going to be attending a "canciversary" party for a friend of mine who is celebrating the anniversary of the day she went into remission. She didn't get to go to her 1994 prom because she was in the hospital, so that's the theme for the evening. When I got my invitation, I called my mom to see if she'd mail me my red taffeta prom dress. I wouldn't be that embarrassed to wear it; it's a simple, floor-length dress with a slim skirt and a halter neckline -- imagine this dress in red. My mom looked around but couldn't find it anywhere. She did, however, find two other formal gowns I wore to the little debutante-ball style dances my high school sorority had. She said, "I found a purple one and a black one." I knew exactly which ones she was talking about and, amused, I said, "Okay, that works! Go ahead and send 'em." They both fit, so I think I'm going to go for the ugly, tacky gusto and wear the purple one. In about an hour, I'm going to start getting ready for the party, and, at the request of friends I've talked to on the phone today, I'm going to do an "Ugly Purple Dress, Then and Now" photo comparison. For now, the "Then" (I warn you, it's uuuugly -- oh, and it's from 1991, not 1994, but it's the thought that counts, right?). I hid the face of my date not because I'm ashamed, but because I want to protect his privacy.

UPDATE: Leaving for the party now...behold, purple dress 04. I'll see if I can get a better picture, full-length, at the party. :)

SECOND UPDATE: Oh yes...excellent pictures. See below:


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Ah, it's not ugly, it's drama

Ah, it's not ugly, it's dramatic. And 1980s fashion is back with a vengeance anyway. The shoes look very fancy too. And so does the hairdo. I hope you recreated it.

Ahhh, memories ...

... of why I thanked God my high school didn't have a prom.

I must say, though, it's too bad no one ever came up with an emoticon for a wolf whistle. =,

Conga-rats ...

to her for her remission, and to you all for having a grand time at the party.

oh my

how lovely you look ms cat... that dress is just to DIE

love the idea of this party. thats great...



This inspired me to gather old photo albums and search for my own prom photo but I didn't find it yet. I think I still have my prom dress. And a backlog of bridesmaid gowns. Wedding dress, wedding nightgown. None of which I'll ever squeeze my hip bones (spread in pregnancy) into again so hey, go you to get back into that purple thing!!! ;)

Good for your friend. Nice to hear a positive story.

Michelle Palmer

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