How to Flirt at the Used CD Store

As if I'm the first person to think of it...but for those who haven't been struck with this inspiration, I'd like to pass it along. So you're at the used CD store, flipping through the new arrival bins, with that familiar tapping sound of jewel cases hitting each other in the background. Sidle up to a cute boy or girl (first, try it with a not-especially-cute person, just to practice). Grinning and twinkling, say, "Excuse me. I'm looking for (insert band here) CDs. Would you mind keeping an eye out for them and pulling 'em for me if you happen to see one?" If the response is positive, ask if cute boy or girl is looking for anything in particular and offer to pull it for him or her. If cute boy or girl finds what you're looking for, he or she will walk up to you triumphantly, holding the CD(s) up. Be delighted and thank him/her profusely. Then ask cute boy or girl what he/she is doing for the rest of the afternoon.


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This entry is clocked at 1:33

This entry is clocked at 1:33pm. So what happened the rest of the afternoon? :)

Damaged ethos?

This afternoon when I tried it out, there weren't any cute guys in the I tried it on someone I didn't find attractive (not a gargoyle, just a decent looking guy I didn't happen to be attracted to), with excellent results. I think it works well because you initiate a collaboration: You help me and I'll help you. Then there are opportunities to talk again, whether you find each other's music or not, and it makes the person feel good to be able to find something he/she knows you want. I recommend asking someone to look for something he or she will have a good chance of finding; for example, I asked for Hole CDs -- any of them.

So to answer your question, I went ahead with my plans for the afternoon after I left the store. I didn't ask the guy to hang out, but I know that if I had casually asked, "So what are you doing after this?" he would have been amenable to hanging out. Believe me, I'll try it for real next time I see a hottie there.

That's actually quite brillia

That's actually quite brilliant and I'm surprised it never occured to me before now.

Thanks, Paul

...for that comment, which, I can assure everyone did not originally appear in an email sent to me by Paul. I guarantee that I did not encourage him to post it here. ;)

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