Knitting, Blood Donation, and Go-Go Boots

Last night, I made a lot of headway on that purse I blogged about a while back. I did the following while indulging my latest addiction: season 2 of Alias on DVD. I can watch four episodes in one night. :)

pink ballet yarn purse with purple strap

Today marks the 56th day since the last time I donated blood, so at 1:00 I'm scheduled to donate again. I don't know if I've written here before about why it's important to me to donate blood as often as they'll let me. As long as I can remember, my mom used to give every 56 days, but in November 1999 she got diagnosed with breast cancer and went through chemotherapy and radiation. She hasn't been eligible to donate blood since then; she's now on Tamoxifen and, while she'll be eligible again in a couple of years or so, she hasn't been able to donate in a long time, and I know she would if she could. So I wanted to do it in her stead (not that I'll stop when she's eligible again! Only 5% of the people who are eligible to donate do it, so I'll continue). I'm going to eat a huge lunch of pork tenderloin, black beans, and jasmine rice beforehand. I weighed myself this morning to make sure I was still meeting the weight requirement -- 110 lbs. -- and I was, but barely. I've experienced a weird sea change in my body and metabolism after losing all that weight in the summer; now, it seems, I have to try to keep from losing weight. My goal now is not to go below 110. One last thought on blood donation before I move on to go-go boots: Last time I gave blood, they timed it, and I filled up the bag in six minutes. I'm both fascinated and disturbed by this fact. I even opened up my calculator and figured out how many ounces per minute it was.

Via feministe comes, a fabulous tribute to go-go boots. It's got a great image gallery, and I've chosen this one as my desktop wallpaper.


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Five minutes this time

Bleeding at such a fast rate seems wrong somehow. But still, I'm glad it didn't take long...

Five minutes?

:-O If I wasn't so fascinated, Clancy, I might be a little disturbed by this.


brave brave

and isn't that yarn even a little blood coloured? red and purple.

i have an irrational fear of needles. i get vomitously ill at the sight and the thought. i dated a guy though, who, with his friends, practiced 'ritual blood donation'... and they'd all get together and do it, and they have t-shirts for it and all.

good on ya. i know it's not mount everest, but for me that's very brave.

okay. i will do this. i will. reading your post about your ma is lovely. i do want to do it. i need some hand holding, and can they give me a sedative?

damn grrl

you are skinny. good for you for getting healthy!! that takes a lot of commitment.

that's really great that you donate blood in place of your mother since she can't. that's sweet of you. my grrlfriend wants to donate plasma, but she is under weight. she used to do it as much as she could, too.


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