Wanderlust, and Music to Accompany It

I feel good today (possibly because I've worked on my dissertation prospectus all weekend). If I still lived in Knoxville, I'd hop in my car and run off to the Smoky Mountains and to Hot Springs, where I'd lounge in a hot tub among pine trees all day [edited to add: all kinds of trees, actually. Lots of cedars, as I recall. Doesn't the limestone in the soil enable them to thrive? That's what I've heard.]. I'd relish the drive, and I'd blast these songs, among others:

"You Got the Car" -- Kasey Chambers (*)
"Let There Be Rock" -- Drive-By Truckers (*)
"Daddy Sang Bass" -- Johnny Cash (*)
"Two More Bottles of Wine" -- Emmylou Harris (*)
"A Boy Named Sue" -- Johnny Cash (*)
"Righteously" -- Lucinda Williams (*)
"Last Hard Bible" -- Kasey Chambers (*)
"C'est La Vie (You Never Can Tell)" -- Emmylou Harris (*)
"Barricades and Brickwalls" -- Kasey Chambers (*)
"Joy" -- Lucinda Williams (*)
"Walking in Memphis" -- Marc Cohn (*)
[Edited to add "Get Right With God" -- Lucinda Williams (:o How could I forget that one?!)] (*)

Anyone else want to come along? :)


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Of course...

Now I'm making a great big fabulous CD with some songs added, like "Lines Around Your Eyes" by Lucinda Williams and "In the Midnight Hour" by Wilson Pickett, some Janis Joplin, and lots of other stuff. I wish I had "Mustang Sally."

Can you tell I can't wait to go HOME? The Tennessee Valley, the Shoals, home of W.C. Handy and the Muscle Shoals Sound. I keep meaning to write a long post paying homage to the music of my home. Two more days, and I'll be there.


Going on Freakin' Friday. Of course I don't have time for this but of course I deserve it and of course it is my freakin' 15th wedding anniversary. Probably won't listen to any music in the car (we'll be either basking in the silence or talking) but I shall think of you during the pampering exercise (prob not! ;)) and while I'm sitting in the hot tub abutting the mountain on the other side of the Arlington. (I can't wait for a reprieve from life.)

M. Palmer


Oh! You meant another Hot Springs!

PS like your new photo.

M. Palmer

OMG--wasn't her version of La

OMG--wasn't her version of Last Hard Bible last night wonderful?! Have a great trip :).


Thanks for these songs, Clanc

Thanks for these songs, Clance! You rock.

Maybe I'll take your lead and be productive on my thesis, for once.

Michelle, Jenny, and Becky

Michelle: You and your hot spring. I am so envious! *pout* Have a wonderful time, and happy anniversary.

Jenny: Yes, the show was flawless. Thanks for inviting me. :)

Becky: You're welcome, and good luck on the thesis!

Tree stuff

The eastern redcedar and the arborvitaes (genus Thuja) are both native to the Smokies and both tolerate a higher pH (up to, say, 7 or 7.5) than most conifers. What you heard probably isn't off the mark.


is 'daddy sang bass' really a

is 'daddy sang bass' really a song that can be blasted? : )

On Daddies and Singing Bass

Heh, Josh, of course "Daddy Sang Bass" can be blasted! :)

My dad used to sing "Daddy Sang Bass."* He has a voice deeper than Johnny Cash's and almost as deep as Richard Sterban's. It could be intimidating to some people, particularly the guys I dated in high school.

*and "The Old Rugged Cross," another good song for demonstrating the range of a bass voice.

Perfect selection! Harriso

Perfect selection!


i read somewhere once someone

i read somewhere once someone reflecting that, when they were in college or so, even though they listened to dylan's electric music they couldn't really always stand their own against others when blasting their music out their dorm-room windows. some things sound funny up loud. : )

(obv. some dylan songs would

(obv. some dylan songs would work better than others)

Will you share your dissertat

Will you share your dissertation prospectus with us?

yay for music

Thanks for the tunes--good stuff.
Hi there--just discovered your blog and have been enjoying what I've read so far.....


blogging the prospectus

Thanks for expressing interest! I haven't yet blogged my prospectus for a couple of reasons: 1. It's still a big mess and not ready for prime time! and 2. There are possible IRB issues to consider. People I might ask to be participants could find out about my project before seeing the official IRB-approved First Contact letter. I'm going to check on it, though, and see what I may and may not say about my project here.

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