The Wakefield Twins

Jenny and I were giggling knowingly about this the other night, and I thought I'd share. The following is from Sweet Valley High #4, Power Play, p. 7, but a similar physical description can be found in nearly every book in the series.

Though Elizabeth and Jessica certainly didn't have Robin's figure problems, they still watched their diets carefully. Slim, five foot six, the sisters were both beautiful: shoulder-length, sun-streaked blond hair, flashing blue-green eyes, and perfect skin. Elizabeth was four minutes older, but they were identical right down to the tiny dimple each had in her left cheek. Although they wore the same size clothes [that would be a size six, as in "their perfect size-six figures"], they never dressed alike, except for identical lavalieres that they wore on gold chains around their necks. The lavalieres had been presents from their parents on the twins' sixteenth birthday.

Also, in this post I'm trying out one of the new Drupal 4.5 features, which allows me to upload files to posts. I want to see how it displays. The file is a scan of the cover of Power Play.
UPDATE: Okay, so you have to click on the title of the post in order to see the attachment.

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I used to read those books al

I used to read those books all the time. I actually read one last year as a sort of nostalgia, and -- why did I ever read them? (Oh, I know why, because a friend had them and I read everything that is anywhere near me.) It was much like the Nancy Drews. What's up with that?

When I was young, though, I used the name Elizabeth a lot, until my mother said somthing snarky about it being her middle name. And I was supposed to be named Jessica, except my mother was very ill after I was born and my father suddenly named me something else.


Wakefield Twins

I read those two and reading the description of the twins reminded me of how disillusioned I was about my teenage years. I can't completely blame it on the book, but the lives of Jessica and Elizabeth were completely perfect. Elizabeth had the perfect boyfriend, Todd Wilkins, who played on the basketball team and wrote for the... Talkative? and had "coffee brown" eyes. I thought for YEARS that a size six was really perfect and I tried so hard to have blue-green eyes...even wrote it as the color of my eyes on my license when I turned 16--unfortunately, NY only lets you choose blue or green. (Consequently, I'm green, which I have read is the most desirable eye color in a partner. Hmm.)I remember the twins had these fantastic teenage adventures--pool parties, beach parties and then Lila Fowler was the evil bitchy friend of Jessica who had more money than god. I really thought, really and truly, that their lives were how my teenage years were going to be. It seemed so realistic! Their shared Fiat, the freedom they were allowed and the maturity the represented at their age. Although I did enjoy the books and the reading time, I wish I had a more, hmm, well rounded model of what to expect in my teenage years.

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