A book I read as a child on how to breakdance, found in my bedroom last night (click thumbnails for larger images):

More than just a how-to book with silhouette diagrams of how to do the dance moves, Breakdancing has a lot of other information about hip hop culture, including detailed descriptions of breakdancers' clothing and a glossary of terms. There's even a bit of history of hip hop. From p. 10-11:

To fully appreciate the Breakdancing you see, the kids doing it, and their dedication and belief, then you should see Breakdancing in the larger context of Hip Hop.

Hip Hop is a social and cultural movement that began in the Bronx. It includes Breakdancing, graffiti art, and rapping and scratching. In case you don't know, rapping is the rhyming jive talk of D.J.'s, and scratching is when these D.J.'s turn the record they're getting ready to play under the needle to create amplified scratching-type rhythms. The records don't actually get scratched. Hip Hop is the cultural movement of the Zulu Nation in the Bronx. Zulu Nation means to kids that they will get more from their dancing, singing, and painting than from fighting. It means believing in yourself so much that in spite of all odds against you, you can achieve something worthwhile and get somewhere -- if you stick with it.

The physical and spiritual presence of Afrika Bambaataa of the Soul Sonic Force is at the heart of Hip Hop. It was Bam who got kids to stick to their perfections and believe in themselves. Bam convinced them that they would get more from their creativity than from their fighting.

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But have you ever break-dance

But have you ever break-danced to illustrate a pedagogical point? Perhaps a special issue of some journal or another could be devoted to impromptu break-dancing in the classroom.

"Amaze 'em"

Nah, never breakdanced in class. :) I've sung, though, if that counts for anything.

Now you've got me picturing you doing the worm before a roomful of students. You ought to try it and let me know if it helps the students to attain your learning objectives.

i need info formation on break dancing

i need info formation on break dancing


I don't have any other information on breakdancing, but I was thinking about scanning all the pages of the book and uploading them here as a public service.

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