New Year's Resolutions

A little late, but here they are. I wanted to make this year's easily attainable:

* Stop using deprecated HTML tags

* Start using one of those mesh laundry bags when washing delicate clothing

* Start using Post-Its for my reading notes. I've usually written in the margin and on a separate sheet of paper, but I've been wanting to try using Post-Its as that's the way smart people read.


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Intentions for the New Year

This year, I'm changing the phrase "New Year's Resolutions" to "New Year's Intentions".

They are:
*Use more graphics in my blog.
*Spend less time doing chores/work and more time feeding my soul.
*Be more mysterious.

And: I think I'll adopt the laundry mesh bag idea, too.



Ha! I use Post-its when I read too - does this mean I can consider myself one of the smart people? ;-)

It sure does!

And I hope other smarties will reveal themselves here. :-)


But, but... Post-Its are bad for the book! Not to mention that they make it hard to shelve the book later.

(Says a die-hard margins and chapter headings scribbler.)


What's wrong with notes?

I assume that's what a separate sheet of paper is.
What's wrong with that?

Aw, shucks.

I want to try something different, that's all. To see if the tools make any subtle differences in the way I respond to text. I like the idea of being able to write something right next to the passage I want to respond it, which a separate reading-notes notebook doesn't allow me to do, but often the margins don't have enough space, plus that entails writing in the book, which can't be erased if you write with pen, as I do. Post-Its seem to provide an alternative. I wish Clay and Mike would comment here about why they use Post-Its.

Post-Its (late response)

I've been out of the loop, so I'm sorry for the late response, Clancy -- but Post-Its serve a couple purposes for me. (Rana -- how are they bad for the book?) I use library books a lot, so I can't scribble in the margins, and often when I'm taking notes, I'm in a place where there's not enough room or comfort to spread out with separate note-taking accoutrements -- but I'm always carrying a pen, and the little Post-It pads make great bookmarks, too. But the big reason is that they're a visible reminder for me to go back to the book and transcribe them into something coherent: a lot of the time, I blog by thumbing through my last hundred pages of reading and trying to take ten or twelve of those Post-Its and expand/synthesize them into a blog entry. So I'll look at the side of a book with all the little yellow and blue and pink slivers of paper hanging out and know that I'm not truly done with it until I've gone back through and removed all the Post-It notes by writing about them.

Yes, I know it's compulsive. Shut up.

sticky notes

I just posted some thoughts on the subject here. CS

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