thirdspace 4.1

The new issue of thirdspace has just come out. The TOC:


(Third)Waving not Drowning - Jenéa Tallentire & Kim Snowden


Techno-Maternity: Rethinking the Possibilities of Reproductive Technologies
- Nadia Mahjouri

Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Textual Bodies and the Rhetoric of Gender in Nineteenth-Century Critical Discourse
- Elizabeth Johnston

Veils, Poems, Guns, and Martyrs: Four Themes of Muslim Women’s Experiences in Shirin Neshat’s Photographic Work
- Nina Cichocki

Gendered Home and Space for the Diaspora: Gish Jen’s Typical American
- Lan Dong


Why I Don’t Do Wine and Cheese: The Price of Admission for the Bi-Racial Subject in the Academy - Heather Tirado Gilligan

Mom’s the Word: Musings on Being Childless - Amy Leask


A 12-Step Guide to Research and Writing: One Essay at a Time - Candis Steenbergen & Robyn Diner