Last Night's Dream

Inspired by recent dream posts, I bring you the dream I just woke up from:

I wake up at 5:00 a.m., stressed out in anticipation of all the work I have to do that day. In a daze, I wander around the apartment, walk out the door but don't close it behind me, and cross the hall into an unlocked, furnished vacant apartment. I leave that door open too. A documentary about Motley Crue is on TV, so I sit down in a ratty chair and get comfortable, but then I'm jolted out of my dazed state when I hear Talking Heads' "Once in a Lifetime," the "This is not my beautiful house!" part. I get up to go back into my apartment, but a few people who are leaving for work have gathered around my door on their way out of the building. They're sticking their heads into my apartment and are ridiculing it: "You mean a grown woman actually lives here?!" Ashamed, I hide in the vacant apartment and wait for them to go away. On the floor of the vacant apartment is a big pile of my clothes, not the clothes I wear now, but clothes I had my first couple of years of college. I start gathering them in my arms.