Here, have some links.

Last night I watched the Oscars, well, not so much watched them as had the show on in the background while I did other stuff, such as a bit of live commenting at Chuck's. Crooked Timber also has a good wrap-up of the Oscars, but today I found a funny (Oscar-inspired) post from Joe. My. God. in which Joe lays out "a list of movie genres that [he] will never see again." Ha! It's great.

I just noticed that the December 2004 issue of Meow Power is out. Of particular interest to me was Tough and Tender, Buff and Brainy: A New Breed of Female Television Action Hero Blurs the Boundaries of Gender by Diana Dominguez. Two examples of this new breed of hero discussed by Dominguez are Aeryn Sun of Farscape and Sydney Bristow of Alias. Is it any wonder that article jumped out at me?