Orphan Works: Tell the Copyright Office Your Stories

I thought of Krista when I saw this; she'll probably have some insightful things to say about Orphan Works, a site where you can share your stories of copyright's becoming an obstacle when trying to use orphan works (works whose copyright holders can't be found). The deadline is March 25, though, so please share your stories soon! I plan to submit my story of trying to use the poem "Roseville, Minn., U.S.A." by Marcela Christine Lucero-Trujillo. The acknowledgement in the book I found the poem in is: "Copyright 1976. Reprinted by permission of Patricia Trujillo-Villalobos." The copyright clearance center at my university was never able to track her down.

Via Intellectual Property and Social Justice, a mighty fine new blog by a group of students at the UC Davis Law School. Their post about orphan works is well worth reading.