Maybe not *that* spicy.

There's this wonderful little hole-in-the-wall (and cheap!) Thai restaurant catty-corner from my hotel from which I've been ordering take-out. I just had a seafood salad from there, and when asked if I wanted it spicy or not, I enthusiastically said, "Spicy!"

Compared to a lot of people, I've got a high threshold for hot and spicy foods, but right now I feel like my lips are about to fall off and my nasal septum will surely disintegrate.

UPDATE, several hours later: I needn't have worried about the spiciness, but rather the seafood itself. During dinner tonight with some great people whose company I really wanted to enjoy unfettered, I can only surmise that I experienced the onset of food poisoning, of which I'm in the throes now. I had to walk a mile in the rain back to my hotel room in misery. Now I'm going to lie down in the fetal position and watch cartoons.


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Hoping you feel better

Oh, Clancy. That sucks. I hope you're OK.


Red Bird Rising Clancy, th

Red Bird Rising

Clancy, that's awful! I hope you feel better. Food poisoning is about as close to feeling like dying as you can get. Yuck. Don't let yourself get dehydrated.

Gotta watch out for those funky little food places (or just eat the veggies!)

Okay now

Yeah, there was a lot of stomach violence last night, but I feel much better today, though I still don't even want to think about or look at food. I'm completely empty, and I'd like to stay that way. I could probably do a smoothie and a plain bagel sans cream cheese. We'll see.

Food poisoning

Aacck! What a terrible thing to have happen while (a) away from home; (b) at a conference you're trying to enjoy; and (c) at any time! Glad you're feeling better now. Never had it myself but I know it can be vile.


interpretiveAlchemy At least

At least it happened *after* your presentation, and not before... oh my.

Company We Keep

Good to know it wasn't brought about by the people whose company you were keeping. Hope you're much better now.

Food for Thought

2 Board Alley

I can relate. My Friday was full of woe. Love the photos from the conference and the Stitch 'n Bitch session--wish I could have stayed for it, since, as you know, I don't stitch, but I do bitch.

And thank you for your kind words about our presentation. My goal was to encourage newbies, so you hit it right on the spot. I especially liked how when I mentioned knitting, you whipped that scarf of yours out--great timing!
Keep me posted about the Blog SIG (jocalo told me about the meeting)--I do belong to the maillist and look forward to seeing how things go this year!

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