I am sick and tired of tech support staff who have no idea what open source is and who have never heard of common open-source software applications, e.g. tech support at Comcast who have never heard of Mozilla Firefox and/or Thunderbird, people at the Apple store who have never heard of OpenOffice, etc. etc. Can't some basics about open source be folded into the orientation?

The spring fashions are so ugly this year. I went into a couple of big department stores and walked by a lot more windows, and I saw countless pairs of white pants* and other utterly unflattering eye pollution. When I go to the mall, I take a picture of the display when I walk in, so that when I'm getting ready to leave I know I'm going out the right way. Just look at this:

Where do I start? First, there's the boxy, fluffed-out, pleated skirt, then the three layers of shirts (like I really want to wear that in the summer), TIED IN A KNOT. Yuck.

* Sorry, friends with white pants. I have no idea why I have this aversion to them.

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Looks "Gap"-py. Yuck.

Looks "Gap"-py. Yuck.

Oh gosh that's ugly.

I know why I hate white pants. It's because they make ANYONE look like they have balloon butt--even size 6.

I'm very cranky right now too, but I feel justified. I'm trying to finish my dissertation and the defense got moved up a full month to May 25 because my entire committee is gone for the month of June, some of them even longer. I'm grateful that they're willing to help me out by scheduling it sooner, but OMG. I want to be done now (she kicks something, randomly.)

No, don't apologise: you're right!

The reason you hate white pants is because they are ugly. Sorry, friends and family who like white pants: you have bad taste.

I like the shirt colours. The shirts have possibilities, if you just don't wear them as shown.


It's the 80s again!

Geeky Mom

Yuck on the white pants and millions of shirts. I tied my shirt in a knot when I was 16--I'm not doing it again. Next thing you know we'll be wearing the madonna look again. Shiver.

I'm with you on tech support not knowing open source. I mean, really, it's even made it into mainstream newspapers and magazines. How could anyone not know what firefox is?

oh no, not the 80s! [shudder]

You mean there are people in the computer industry who *haven't* heard of Firefox? Good grief! That should be grounds for dismissal right there.

I share your crankiness about clothing, having attempted to go suit shopping today. All I want is a nice, neutral, lightweight suit to impress potential employers in. I don't want pastel blue, pastel "melon," pastel yellow, pastel pink, or pastel anything at all. And what's with the pants that just barely stay on your hips without falling all the way off?

(White pants are also annoying because you just know you'll spill coffee on them sooner or later.)


2 Board Alley
Looks like a Catholic school uniform gone bad!!!! All it needs are some loafers and white ankle sox to complete the look.

science! technology! progress!

people keep telling me that firefox (the mac version) is way faster than safari, but i just don't see it. i only kept firefox around so that i could read my gmail account. now i don't even need it to do that.

doesn't openoffice need x to run? i think maybe by the time of jaguar the macos install of x was 'official' in some sense, but it's still a goofy luxury people would only want to install if they wanted to run x applications, which, given that macos itself is all nice and such, kind of makes for a small market.

before i could steal a friend's copy of word i was even running openoffice! (and x, specifically for running openoffice!) but that was a rather large stopgap solution.

fine line

A guy I dated wore white linen pants all the time--too Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil! That pic from the mall was enough to keep me away from it all summer, even though I need to go shopping soon. Have to tell you though that a few months ago I saw a mannequin wearing leg warmers and then the shoe display featured jellies!!!! So 80s, so scary.

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