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I'm in Alabama until Saturday, and while I've been working at the library here, I've also been watching too much vapid TV and too many movies (we're talking stuff like Bubble Boy, Eulogy, and Wet Hot American Summer). So I have to hit the books, course preparation, dissertation, everything when I get back. But for now, a fluff post with no interparagraphic transitions whatsoever.

Proposals are being sought for a special issue of Technical Communication Quarterly on Technical Communication in the Age of Distributed Work. It's going to be great once it comes out, very forward-thinking.

Note to self: I want to use the famous Margaret Mead quotation: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has" in my syllabus for the class I'm teaching this summer. [Edited to add: Does anyone know what the original source for that is? I hate not having a specific page number or date/place, if it's a speech.] It's called "Group Process, Team Building, and Leadership," and it centers on work done in small groups. It's also one of the courses that fulfills the Citizenship and Public Ethics theme requirement, and usually teachers require students to do group projects on local issues, which I'm very excited about, as this will let me try out a modified version of that city writing/finds research process that Jenny and Jeff talk about. I have lots of ideas already, and a while back I used the new-for-OSX-Tiger built-in news aggregator in Safari to set up a folder of feeds from all the local publications I could think of, so that's helped a lot.

At Jonathan's insistence, I watched the original Star Wars trilogy for the first time. People are shocked that I'm such a science fiction geek but I've never seen those movies. I'm already seeing Star Wars' influence on other movies and series. For example, Data on Star Trek: TNG reminds me a lot of C3PO (telling the captain the odds that some act of derring-do won't work, social ineptitude, etc.) and Moya's pilot on Farscape even reminds me a little of C3PO as well. I must see episodes 1, 2, and 3 now.

I finally created a Flickr account, and I'm wondering why I didn't do it months ago.

Check out this cool Drupal ad for the Free Software Magazine!

For anyone who was scratching his or her head about the relevance and import of the work that's being done on silence (see also Cheryl Glenn's Unspoken), this op-ed piece should clear it up for you.

Am I, like, the only person alive who had never heard of The Red Hat Society until the other day? All the stores around here have Red Hat lady merchandise -- red hats, of course, purple clothing, ceramic figurines of red hats, purple socks with little red hats embroidered on them, etc. Cookie jars, even. I saw the cover of one of the books from far away and thought, hey, that looks like an interesting Linux user/developer group! Seriously though, I told the manager of my local yarn store that they should offer special knitting classes for Red Hat Society women and classes for friends and family of Red Hat women in which they could knit red hats and other red and purple stuff as gifts for them. She thought it was a great idea. I hope they do it; I want to do anything I can to support locally-owned businesses.


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I have Star Wars Episodes I &

I have Star Wars Episodes I & II on dvd--you can borrow them.


Star Wars, Nothing but Star Wars...

The subject--quoted from Bill Murray's lounge singer act on SNL back in the late 70s. One of the funniest memories of my young life.

I'd love to know what it's like to see Star Wars for the first time now--how much did you already know just from general cultural references? What surprised you? I'm a bit of a Star Wars dork. I've got a dream halloween costume that I've been thinking about for years--me as luke skywalker and a baby as Yoda in a backpack like that scene in Empire Strikes Back. I'm not certain, but there's a good chance that I conceived Arden solely to make this halloween fantasy come true. Oh, and Owen'll be Princess Leia. Probably in that Hot Gold Bikini from Return of the Jedi.

In sixth grade they called me,
Return of the Jodi

Hey, I'm a sci fi geek of sor

Hey, I'm a sci fi geek of sorts too! In fact just spent Memorial Day weekend in Madison at a feminist science fiction convention WisCon with a group of friends. Went with another group of friends to the midnight opening of Ep III (hated the movie, but had a blast hanging out with my friends and seeing a decent Stormtrooper costume made of paper plates of all things). Enjoy the rest of your stay in 'bama and I'll have to chat with you about your science fiction interests after you're back in town!

Anna M.

Star Wars for the first time

Well, Jodi, let's see. I had seen clips of the Vader/Luke father revelation in The Empire Strikes Back, and I knew Leia wore a gold bikini in one of the movies. Remember that Friends episode in which Chandler, Joey, and Ross fantasized about Leia in the bikini, and Rachel was confused, then Phoebe patiently explained to her that a generation of men fell in lust with Leia in the bikini?

I was familiar with Jabba the Hut, but not his little pet. On one episode of Sealab 2021, it shows Quinn and Stormy drawn like Jabba and the pet.

As for my adult impressions, I'll admit that my inner feminist critic was slightly annoyed that a.) Leia is the only female character in the trilogy, save Jabba's dancing girls, and b.) I didn't catch any real indication that Leia is going to be trained as a Jedi later (Luke's disabling of the emperor's power makes it unnecessary for Leia to rise up as the rebels' champion, but why can't she be a Jedi anyway?). Yoda and Obi-Wan are both dead, so who'd train her? Luke? I guess a gesture toward Leia's training would disrupt the narrative structure though, and seem gratuitous.

Oh, and I found the partying aliens in Jabba's lair at the beginning to be cheesy, but not the Ewoks. The rebels couldn't have disabled the shield without the Ewoks' help.


I've heard of WisCon; people used to talk about it on the Twin Cities Scapers list. Sounds like a lot of fun!


i finish a boring week you?

Yeah, we have a lot of fun (c

Yeah, we have a lot of fun (combining attendance at WisCon with an annual reunion of 9 of us losers). My first year was the 20th when Ursula K. LeGuin was the guest of honor. I'm also in my third year as an archivist for the James Tiptree, Jr. Award an annual literary prize for science fiction or fantasy that expands or explores our understanding of gender. This next year will be WisCon's 30th year and they're inviting back all the previous guests of honor -- should be pretty cool. We're already registered :-).

Margaret Mead

I hate to make my first post here a discouraging one, but I don't think it will be easy to find the source for the Mead quotation. The Institute for Intercultural Studies, which Mead established in 1944, has received many inquiries about it. You can read their reply here. On the bright side, everyone else seems to be quoting it without a citation, so one more probably won't hurt.

Although I have significant doubts about much of Mead's research, I admire her ability to engage the public interest, and I think this quotation is a great line.


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