Hurricane coverage

I've been preoccupied almost all day reading about what residents of Louisiana and Mississippi are experiencing. I'm thinking especially of Daisy and a friend of mine in Jackson, Mississippi. I'm thinking about people whose families have lived in New Orleans for generations, centuries -- and about people who are being moved from New Orleans' Superdome to Houston's Astrodome, people waiting on roofs in that awful heat for helicopters and boats to come, all the time risking getting cholera and other diseases due to the standing water.

I've been reading Josh Britton's posts (via Professional-Lurker), Michelle Malkin's comprehensive post about relief efforts, the Katrina Help Wiki, and, like Daisy, I've been refreshing this page frequently.

I wish I'd taken pictures on my trips there.

UPDATE: Dr. B. suggests other ways to help.

UPDATE: A Boing Boing reader emailed with a vivid description of his or her experience as a rescue worker (via Brendan).