The title of the post comes from a show I used to watch all the time on Nickelodeon to unwind, a show I wish were available on DVD, but there doesn't seem to be much support: Muppet Babies. Another show I wish were on DVD: Living Single. That one might have a chance.

On to other TV: Sunday night was the season premiere of The Simpsons. Tonight was the season premiere of House, and I was all over it. For those who haven't seen it, I can bring you up to speed butt-quick. The main character is Dr. Gregory House, a complicated and ornery diagnostician who works in a research hospital with several young doctors. In every episode, a patient comes in with an unexplained ailment. The doctors brainstorm to diagnose the condition as it rapidly worsens. They usually come up with an initial diagnosis and administer treatment that either only treats the symptoms and not the underlying problem or actually makes the illness worse. The patient is often lying about something related to his or her mental health, sexual activity, or family medical history, and the doctors always figure out the real problem when the patient is at death's door and save him or her just in time. Oh, and this season House's ex, played by Sela Ward, is on the show, and though she's married, sparks still fly between them. Now you're ready to start watching.

Next week is the season premiere of Lost and the series premiere of Chris Rock's new show, Everybody Hates Chris, and the week after next the season premiere of Alias (who is Michael Vaughn, really?!). And not directly TV-related, but the day after the Alias premiere, Serenity hits theaters!

Am I the only one watching Prison Break? It is GREAT, and I hope it doesn't suffer the fate of those other shows I was the only person who loved, like Platinum and Jake 2.0 (well, obviously given the link I'm not the only one who loved that).

There's a reason I don't have cable.


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My daughter got me to watch "Prison Break" the other night by accident. I have set the TiVo to catch it.
On the other hand, I think Hugh Laurie peaked when he worked with Stephen Fry, Tony Robinson and Rowan Atkinson and the like.



Never heard it before?

:-) Just an expression friends of mine in my master's program used to say.

In high school, we used to say "with a quickness." I was torn between that and "butt-quick" while composing this post.

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