Never buy this candy, unless you'd like to gain ~70 lbs.

It is TOO good:

Things I could blog about but won't, but will

Also known as Bullets of Random Crap:

  • I'll admit it: I love that show Sunset Tan on E!. How can a reality show about a tanning salon be so good?
  • I hope that in the next year or two, I will have a child. Things that terrify me: weight gain, postpartum depression, not being able to produce milk (I have nightmares about this one). Things I'm strangely not that afraid of: stretch marks (I actually think they look kind of cool), medical/technological intervention in the birth process.
  • A couple of years ago, my good friend Pamela emailed me and some other friends a list. She said, "Think of all the people we hung out with in college." She had an impressive number of names, but a lot of them were just first names with a couple of identifiers, like "so'n'so's ex" or "lived in Florence Arms Apartments." We filled in the list, but we forgot about it for a while. Then Pamela started talking about organizing a reunion in August 2008 for the whole group, and by "the whole group," I mean our network of friends, rivals, enemies, frenemies, and acquaintances you merely tolerated for the sake of the group, all of whom were students at the University of North Alabama in the early-to-mid-1990s or Florence townies who were twentysomething in the early-to-mid-1990s. The list, which has turned out to be impressively long, is another instance of Dunbar's number. We've found some of these people on MySpace and set up a MySpace group for the reunion. In an attempt to find as many of the other people as possible, I'm listing their names here so that my site will come up if they Google themselves, or if a close friend or family member Googles them.

    1. Jason Bean
    2. Clay Bedingfield
    3. Todd Beene
    4. Amanda Lewis Belmares
    5. Blake Beverly
    6. Greg Biggers
    7. Trey Blanke
    8. Wendy Seay Bostich
    9. Marcia Bowling
    10. Allison Brazier
    11. Amy Bridenbaugh
    12. Bradley Brock
    13. Seth Brown
    14. Zane Brown
    15. Jimmy Burke
    16. Becca Cardin
    17. Willy Cardin
    18. Kitty Cobb
    19. Brian Conner
    20. Kurt Conner
    21. Nani Warrington Cooper
    22. Nathan Cooper
    23. Paul Cox
    24. Chelie Curran
    25. Carolann Daniel
    26. Jeff DeQuattro
    27. Cali Devaney
    28. Rich Dodson
    29. Steven Draper
    30. Nick Dugan
    31. Jason Elmore
    32. Jason English
    33. Bob English
    34. Eli Faulkner
    35. Roddy Fernandez
    36. David Flack
    37. Andy Frith
    38. Christie Gann (or Christy Gann)
    39. Michael Garrison
    40. Channing Givens
    41. Jason Glass
    42. Ann Glass
    43. Jon Gregory
    44. Michael Gregson
    45. Jason Haney
    46. Meagan Rikard Haney
    47. Cory Hannah
    48. Scott Harbour
    49. Blake Harrison
    50. Peter Heim
    51. Evan Heird
    52. Mary Helgamo
    53. Denys Hemen
    54. Pamela Hicks
    55. Earl Hicks
    56. Wally Hodges
    57. Toby Holder
    58. Amber Holder
    59. Mike Hollander
    60. Wendi Holt
    61. Patterson Hood
    62. Adam Howard
    63. Charity Howard
    64. Allison Stack Irons
    65. Bill Johnson
    66. Felicia Kaldi
    67. J. Lee King
    68. Shane Kirby
    69. Lisa Koontz
    70. Carrie Comer Kyzer
    71. Wendy Lawson
    72. Amy Rutherford Letson
    73. Tina Lott
    74. Libby Lynn
    75. Sara Simpson Martin
    76. Kory Martin
    77. Todd Mason
    78. Jason Massey
    79. Melissa McCaleb
    80. Molly McCanless
    81. Adam McCook
    82. Erin McCook
    83. Paige Motes
    84. Trillissa O'Quinn (or Trilissa O'Quinn)
    85. Steifon Passmore
    86. Michi Pendelton
    87. Daryl Pendergrast (or Darrell Pendergrass, Darrell Pendergrass, Daryl Pendergrass)
    88. Eric Peterson
    89. Samantha Mayer Peterson
    90. Amy Pieroni
    91. Linda Pinnix
    92. Tom Piper
    93. Scott Platzer
    94. Andrea Porter
    95. Marti Powell
    96. Michelle Provence
    97. Clancy Ratliff
    98. Crosbie Ray (or Crosby Ray)
    99. Tim Rea
    100. Kathy Richards
    101. Jason Roberts
    102. Brooke Robinson
    103. Chris Rohling
    104. Nathan Ruffrage
    105. Alexandria Satt
    106. Rondi Nerstad Shefrey
    107. Sunshine Shumate
    108. Jenny Simpson
    109. Walt Smith
    110. Sara Snodgrass
    111. Justin Snodgrass
    112. Sean Springer
    113. Christie Snodgrass Steadman
    114. Blake Stevenson
    115. Rebecca Eve Brown Styles
    116. Ronnie Taylor
    117. Annie Thomas
    118. Erin Thomas
    119. Katherine Thompson
    120. Wesley Thompson
    121. Stacey Thompson
    122. Angela Thornton
    123. Wade Thornton
    124. Melinda VanRensselaer Thornton
    125. Joey Tittle
    126. Kerry Tolleson
    127. Amy Tomlinson
    128. Susannah Moore Torres
    129. Myles Tucker
    130. Amanda Underwood
    131. Blair Underwood
    132. Lyndsay Van Vickle
    133. Neal Vickers
    134. Brad Wallace
    135. Andrew Walter
    136. Margaret Walter-Cain
    137. Cathy Ward
    138. Scott Weaver
    139. Shannon Wells
    140. Johanna White
    141. Todd White
    142. JJ Whitten
    143. Shannon Williams
    144. Ashley Williams
    145. Kim Williams
    146. Whit Williams
    147. Matt Wood
    148. Kevin Woodis
    149. Alison (*) Woodward
    150. Matt Woodward
    151. Lewis Yuille (or Louis Yuille)
    152. Devi Zulkifli
    153. Carolyn (worked at Hickory Hills Cinemas, strawberry blond hair, might have been in Alpha Delta Pi briefly)
    154. Jen (of Jen and Jimmy)
    155. Cyd (went to Daryl's parties)
    156. Camille (Toby’s ex)
    157. Tyler (Kim's friend)
    158. Drew (of Drew and Devi)

Request for Feedback: Composition Practicum

As part of my new position as a first-year writing director, I will be teaching the composition pedagogy practicum this fall. I already have a lot of ideas for readings and such, but the practicum meets once a week for 75 minutes, so I need to be judicious about how I use the time. In no particular order, here are some topics I'm thinking about covering. How would you rank these? If you could reorder these based on importance (1 most important, 18 least important), how would you do it?


1.syllabus design
2.assignment design
3.eliciting class participation/discussion
4.activities for class (exercises)
5.grammar (when to bring it in and how)
6.grading papers – norming, time management, techniques
7.class observations: why they're done, how they're useful, etc.
8.classroom management, teaching persona, authority
9.teaching philosophy statement
10.teaching portfolio to teach argument, logic
12.ways to use technology in teaching Take 20
14.responding to student writing (not grading)
15.plagiarism, citation, authorship to organize peer review activities
17.designing short, informal writing prompts (minute papers, weekly posts/responses, etc.)
18.student evaluations: how to interpret the numbers, departmental mean, how they're used, mentoring procedure in case numbers are very low, how to put them in perspective, etc.

JOB Cigarette Papers Prints

These are images from a book I loved as a child. The prints are poster sized, and the book came to me via my dad, who owned a wholesale grocery company when I was growing up and who got it from a tobacco company salesman. Almost all my dad's customers owned small convenience stores, so he carried tobacco products in addition to groceries. Growing up, I got all kinds of tobacco swag, like the Benson & Hedges compilation tape. Anyway, I gave some of the images titles, as you can see. I've placed the titles next to the images to which they correspond.

Front Cover First page

Print 1 Print 2

"Clea Patra" I titled the previous image as a child

"Cinderella" The title I gave the previous image as a child

"Princess" Title I gave the previous image as a child

"Lady" The title I gave the previous image as a child

"Lady Godiva" Title of the previous image

"True Love" Title I gave the previous image as a child

Untitled Untitled

Untitled Untitled

Untitled Untitled

Untitled Untitled

And here's what I put on the back cover, shown larger for effect:

Clancy Ratliff's Book with Beautiful Pictures in It

Apparently girls could peek in the book. Perhaps I was concerned with the privacy of the painted ladies. At any rate, I still really like that book, and I'm tempted to frame one or more of the prints and hang them in my house and/or office. Which one is your favorite? I don't like either of the images of the men.size=l

Second Annual Big Announcement on June 15

Why not make it an annual tradition to announce something on June 15, if I have anything to announce? It just so happens that I do.

I'm excited to say that starting in August, I will be an assistant professor and the Director of First-Year Writing at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. That we've been traveling to the heart of Acadiana to find housing and eat delicious food is part of the reason I haven't been blogging much.

Laissez les, etc.!

One Year Ago Today

Today is our first anniversary. I'm still very glad we did a court house wedding.

Married Couple, Both Professors, Accused of Raping a Student

Wow. This story about a case involving two professors at Arkansas State is eerily similar to Joyce Carol Oates' excellent 2002 novella Beasts.

Hiatus (ya think?)

Posting will likely be on hold for the next couple of weeks. In her journal, in an entry titled "Back to School Commandments," Sylvia Plath wrote, "There is a certain clinical satisfaction in seeing just how bad things can get." To be sure, lots of things for me are going fine right now, but we have a lot of costly and irritating little calamities to contend with of late, such as the incident on the Natchez Trace. Point is, I'm too grumpy to write much of anything on the blog, as I don't want to sound unhappy when I'm really not.

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