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Prelims are... a guy I dated in college used to say, "a lukewarm dose of hell." (Be sure to pronounce it "HAY-ul.") When I finish the one I've been working on today that's due tomorrow morning, I'll have three down, three to go -- that's two 24-hour ones and one 2-hour done, and two 24-hour ones and one 2-hour left to do. Keep in mind, too, that I've had to juggle this with teaching, a heavy grading load, and two other projects with looming deadlines. :(

I'm still hitting the almond butter jar, by the way, and even eating raw, unsalted almonds from the little store at school. Are almonds nature's Paxil?

Shrimp Experimentation

I went ahead and added a "Food & Cooking" category, since I appear to be in the midst of a cooking kick. Here's tonight's concoction: Shrimp, half a Vidalia onion, a pinch of red pepper flakes, a pinch of minced garlic, salt and pepper, and--on a whim--a handful of sunflower seeds, all sautéed in olive oil (until the onions caramelized). It might sound a little iffy, but it was great. As an appetizer, I had an Ataulfo mango, also known as a champagne mango. For dessert? You guessed it.

Dcr. and Ds., and Country Ham

At the 4th of July barbecue I attended yesterday, peals of laughter erupted as we talked about taking prelims, passing prelims, and being ABD. One guy joked, "Yeah, there should be a title for someone who's ABD. Something between Mr. and Dr." We decided it would be "Dicter." I don't know what abbreviation would be appropriate. Dcr.? A woman who goes by Ms. would then become "Ds.," pronounced "Dizz." (I like to spell that with two z's.)

Can I just tell you how cool Krista is? She asked me if I wanted her to grab any southern food for me when she and Mister Boyfriend make the move up here. I requested a slice of country ham, but I hope she doesn't go to any trouble to get it. :o

My New Favorite Dessert

Ripe, luscious strawberries dipped in banilla yogurt:

Note to Self*

*Next time you attempt pan-seared salmon, wear long sleeves.

It was worth the little pop-burns on my forearms, though. Before cooking, I marinated the salmon in olive oil and cajun seasoning, and I squeezed some lime on it before serving it to myself. Delicious. :D

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