Ten things I did today

I'm taking Laura's cue and listing ten things I did today. You will quickly see that my day didn't turn out as planned:

1. Did a bit of administrative work (retrieving and filing articles) for a research project I'm working on. Wrote some other work-related emails.

2. Got a massage.

3. Grabbed tacos at a little taco shack for lunch for Jonathan and me.

4. Upon getting home, realized that Henry was burning up. Took temperature: 102.7. Freaked out.

5. Called pediatrician, who of course was already gone for the day.

6. Gave Tylenol to Henry per nurse's suggestion to just watch him and give him Tylenol/Motrin to keep fever down.

7. Took Henry to urgent care anyway; nurse checked temp, 103.

8. Gave Henry a huge dose of Motrin as the doctor directed.

9. Sat in a hot car worried sick about my baby in the rear-facing car seat in traffic for a solid hour before getting to the pharmacy for antibiotics.

10. Took Henry's temperature several more times; it has returned to normal now.

It's going to be a long night...