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The Moves

Wow, am I some kind of mom-type person already. I hate it when the little fetal boy goes a long time without moving. Yet, yesterday he was doing some kind of triathlon in there all day and night, and since I was so busy from 8:00-5:00 with administrative work (it being the beginning of the semester and all, a hectic time for writing program administrators everywhere, I would guess), I felt guilty all day about not being able to stop, concentrate on the movement, and really appreciate it.

But last night, I was reading on the chaise, and the Sweetest Cutest Little Thing happened. I happened to have my hand on my belly, and I got a big kick which was more like an isometric stretch. Anyway, I think I had his little foot* in the palm of my hand for a few seconds. I loved getting a sense of how big the foot was. Then, later, as I was in bed watching The Wire, I think he did it again, but with his head.

* or hand, or elbow, who can say?

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